Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Wendy Williams: Your Husband Just MAY Be CHEATING!

Welp, the rumors are definitely circulating about Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter AKA Kelvin Hunter, and this alleged affair with Sharina Hudson via www.dailymail.co.uk. No tea, and No shade, but I wonder why a man would be sharing an address with a woman he is just friends with. I have PLENTY of friends and none of them collect mail at MY house. But this is none of my business... (Sip With Caution, The tea is in the pics!) AND BEFORE YOU SAY, HIS NAME ISNT KELVIN, ITS EITHER A NAME HE USES OR ITS HIS REAL NAME. SEE ASSOCIATED NAMES!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Jackie Christie: 'Mommy Dearest'

Image result for jackie christieI am almost completely over basketball wives LA. Draya left, Brandi left, Malaysia is on some, 'I'm Malaysia Pargo and i'm the epitome of greatness' type of shit, and Evelyn has made Jackie's parenting skills, or lack there of, her main story line this season. Mmk.

Ushers Accuser; Angel Valentino AKA Quantisia Owens AKA Quantasia Sharpton

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Image result for angel valentinoWell y'all. The first alleged victim of Ushers alleged dirty dicktedness has come forth. In the midst of Lisa Bloom exploiting the situation, blogger Fameolous has uncovered the woman to be a scam artist of sorts. Apparently this woman has also claimed to be the girlfriend of August Alsina and an employee of Def Jam, she also has MULTIPLE facebook pages and more names than a check forger.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Transgender: To Tell Or Not To Tell... THAT Is The Question!

A New day!!!..... some color and a New Attitude!! #tsmadison 8-1-17 my daily log
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I wanted to start this with something funny or witty, but honestly, this is a very serious matter.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Love & Side Pieces (LHHATL)

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Am I the only one noticing that Love and Hip Hop is turning into the side bitch, bad music franchise of reality television? Either you strip, used to strip, fucking with a dude who wife is or was a stripper, has-been rappers, chicks with bad lace front jobs, and all for the game of fame. ATL is definitely outdoing itself this season. Lets start with Moriah and Cici, Cookie, Keke, whatever her name is, the one that hired Lovely Mimi ole loud ass. Anyway, are we really supposed to believe that this girl has no idea that her husband is sleeping with Moriah? Do we believe shes not? I don't know any woman in this WORLD who husband seems too invested in another chick financial situation that wouldn't question the friendship. Furthermore, not enough of these people have REAL jobs, and quiet as its kept, hoeing isn't a real job and damn sure doesn't come with benefits. Anyway! Let's talk about Karlie Redd ole AARP ass jumping bad to fight Olive Oyl when she has not so much as tried to bust a grape in a food fight in prior seasons. Where was all of that 'get bad' when Joseline slapped her ass with those flowers once upon a time? Mhm hm... I'm rooting for Tammy and Wocka F to make amends in their relationship and move forward without the drama and the groupies. Now on to the touchy subject; Joseline Hernandez. I don't think Joseline Hernandez will make a great mom, and here is why. Any woman that would imply that a man sexually abused his own daughter and made the entire thing up should not and does not deserve to be a mother. This begs the reasoning that if she and Stevie ever ended up in a custody battle, Joseline would try and say that he touched Bonnie Bella or whatever sexually. That is NOT a joke, it is NOT funny, and if I were Mimi, I would have beat her ass or died trying. Now on to the biggest controversy of this season; Lovely Mimi. I'm not sure if this girl is Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean or what, she is ghetto and loud, and funny as hell! I rocks with Mimi. People are saying that she is appropriating the black culture. If you think being loud, ghetto, flashy, and ratchet is black culture then you need to get out more. Ghetto comes in every color and every culture has a name for it, as black people we call it ghetto, White people call them rednecks, I don't know every culture name for their ghetto people, but trust, they have one. Mimi has a black man with black children of every color, as she so eloquently put it. The same people out there saying Mimi wants to be black are mad that they DON'T want to be black their damn selves. I truly believe that she grew up in the hood, around a lot of black people, and she learned to assimilate, not appropriate. Let's be for real, you either lead, follow, or get the fuck out of the way. Mimi decided to follow suit, and as they say, when in France, do as the French. By no means am I saying that black culture isn't stolen by every other race of people, because it is, and then they do everything to remove us from the very culture they stole. My point is, I've known white girls that grew up in the hood and trust me, they get on board very quickly with the nature and climate of our communities. Mimi just embraced the hood a bit too much. I think the Love and Hip Hop franchise is starting to play out and is close to running its entertaining course. Now it seems that the cast are reading from cue cards as they do their confessionals. So weak. Until next time people, (deuces up)

Thursday, March 2, 2017

The New Woman; Body Augmentation and Beauty Trends

I can openly admit that I have flirted with the idea of having a nip here and a tuck there when it comes to my body. There is always something that I feel could be added or taken away that would make me look like a better me. However, this is only whenever I look at some other woman that has had some successful work done. When I compare myself to the average woman in the looks department I can honestly say that I could be a strong '6,' with regards to face alone. Then I have to think to myself, what constitutes a 1 or a 10? I have seen women that I would classify as a 10 and guys I know would beg to differ. I guess it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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