Saturday, December 3, 2016

Is Joseline Hernandez Getting A Baby Special?

Well, I honestly can say, I don't know. Does anyone else? I'm not one to knock anyone hustle when theyre getting it how they live, Joseline has definitely gotten it and lived at the same damn time. Now she is sime months pregnant and people are still speculating as to who the father is.

Since the proof is in the pregnancy pudding regarding her baby she will name Bonnie, I can admit I was one of the skeptical ones, Joseline Isn't always the spokes-person for telling the truth if you watch LHHATL and follow her social media. Joseline is wearing her pregnancy very well and I can predict the snap-back will be REAL once she gives birth. Moving forward, Joseline has been saying that she is filming her baby special. There has been no mention of which network will be airing this special. I can say with confidence that it will not be VH1. Get into this VH1 shade.....

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