Monday, October 31, 2016

New Yorks Finest! How Young MA Saved Hip Hop!

From Ooouuu to the So Gone challenge. Anything Young MA touches turns to pure gold. We may as well call her the Midas Queen. Brooklyn, New York native Young MA is definitely proving that you don't have to be exactly what is expected when it comes to being a femcee in 2016. Young MA is definitely humbling a lot of artists out there with her lyrical wit, hardcore metaphors, and beat catching abilities. I guess if we had to classify her she would be considered a stud in the world of LGBTQS. She exudes nothing but total confidence in her verses, she gives us a bit of Brooklyn with flavor and content that is and will be respected by most veterans of the rap game. In some hot sneakers and a sweatsuit, dont forget the fitted cap, Young MA's swag is definitely on par with the bars that she spits. She definitely proves that raw talent still counts for something in a world where we are bombarded with auto tune, hypersexual lyrics, and ad libs that goes on for more than eight seconds. Hip Hop should be proud, Young MA is getting back to the basics with music that gives the listener some reflection. Either you can relate or you understand. Either way, I hope we get to see a lot more from Young MA. I personally would love to get blessed with a Young MA special featuring someone like Cassidy. Get into this...

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Really Soulja Boy?

I feel like I should start anew. With a different and more sensible approach to the way my opinions are delivered. While on hiatus from blogging I had a lot of time to reflect on the content that I wish to subject my readers to. I felt like I was going with the trend motions and in the midst of that had yet to find my own voice. My own level of comfort that would show in my writing and also give my readers a feeling of having a chat with a friend. I hope you all enjoy...

 Anyway, this weeks well publicized stunt between #IndiaLove and #SouljaBoy had me thinking... Is this really where we are in regards to hip hop? It now takes publicity stunts in order to sell music? Ok. Let me get into this tea.
Soulja Boy hasn't produced good music since he supermaned some h*e. India Love is famous for? (I'm asking.) She could be a model. I think shes an ex of The Game, she and her sisters has a reality show called The Westwoods or Westbrooks, I guess they are the black Kardashians of Hollywood? Who knows. A great sex tape angle and Mona Scott Young can change your life these days, I'm just saying. Anyway, Souljaboy tweeted that he's dating India Love and apparently that rubbed someone named Lil Yachty, yes, lil f*@¿^ing Yachty, the wrong way.
Soulja Boy has been taking so many L's this year that if India Love did sleep with him at ANY point in her life she gets a 'I dont even know that n!66a' pass.

 From that struggle track he's promoting featuring Bow Wow, to Him saying he quit Love & Hip Hop because it was damaging his 'brand' and Mona Scott Young letting social media know he got fired, Soulja is now the adjective for a rapper who's time has passed but seriously cant let go. Now i'm not saying Soulja couldn't make any money because I think the business he has with Ray-J with the scootie bike is a great and lucrative idea. However, Soulja Boy needs to give up hip hop. Now he needs to use his name for other ventures.

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