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Love & Hip Hop New York: The Cast

Ok so I have been catching up on my favorite Monday past time, Love & Hip Hop, this season is New York. Most of the goings on in the show is absolutely BORING! I love watching Remy, but I think i'd like watching more if she popped off on someone. I love watching her and Papoose, y'all know I am a sucker for black love. I'm just going to jump right on in to how I feel about the cast the where this show is headed.

Cardi B. Photo courtesy www.complex.com
I have no Idea where they found Cardi B! I have had the pleasure of seeing her around the Bronx more than a few times, I only remember her because she is EXACTLY the way she portrays herself on that show. Cardi B is the anchor of this season, believe it or not. Everyone else seems to be running around trying to stay relevant by conjuring up some type of unnecessary drama. So, Cardi is trying to get her rap career off the ground. Yes, another stripper turned rapper... If the formula isn't broke, why fix it. Dj Self, her old boo, doesn't really seem to be here for Cardi's rap career, but he was damn sure here for that chocha! She is now attempting to marry some dude that is in NYS Corrections, i.e. JAIL, and I'm like, did this chick just say they been kicking it for two months? Was one of those months her visiting him upstate? Jesus take the wheel! I'm not one to judge, but umm... Cardi... muneca, you CAN do better mama. One thing I DO know, most dudes that have spent a year or more locked up, always seem to find themselves right back in that situation before long. Let's hope her boo isn't a career criminal. Cardi is definitely entertaining, I be feeling a lot of her opinions. Except that 'hoes don't get cold' sh!t. I WISH I would!

DJ Self of 105.1FM NY photo courtesy www.Eventbrite.com

It's crazy that I knew nothing of DJ Self until LHHNY, mind you, I listen to 105.1 all the time. I guess... I look at DJ Self, and his girlfriend that he been with for two years that nobody knew about like he had her ass locked in a tower like Rapunzel, and their story seems excruciatingly fake. I think it was a win/win deal, Yorma (yes, Yorma) gets a cameo on TV and he doesn't look like the only lonely member of the 'Creep Squad'. Self in fact, isn't a qualified member of the CS though. From my point of view, it seems the groupies find him on their own. He just has a problem with saying, 'No thank you'. Self always looks confused to me. I am feeling this whole GWINNIN thing, I guess its Good and Winning, i'm not sure, but I fucks with that word. lolz. I don't see longevity for Self on this show, it doesn't matter, he does pretty well on 105.1 from what I hear.

Yandy Smith photo courtesy of www.blackenterprise.com
Everyone that knows me know that in my eyes, Yandy Smith can do NO wrong! With that being said, there have been a few moments that made me want to side eye Yandy like she got caught cheating on Mendeecees. The first thing is, from what I see, Bianca AKA Chicken Noodle Soup Girl, is no different than most of the 'artists' on the LHH franchise from ATL to Hollywood. They are ratchet, loud, and would like to be violent, but most of them really aren't about that life. I can't understand why Yandy would send Bianca to an etiquette class, citing her reasoning is her being rough around the edges, and then take on Moe Monkey from Bum Bitches on Deck. (Yes, I know Moe family has money, that shit has nothing to do with those struggle bars she keeps spitting.) Then, Yandy acts like Bianca has absolutely no reason for being mad that she walked in the studio to see them working together. I would have been pissed as well. I would have been like, I'm rough around the edges, and you think this chick has some 'act right'? No ma'am! Yandy has been going through it with Mendeecees being sentenced to go to prison for drug trafficking, something he did in his past. My prayers are with them. With that being said, I never get how just because someone decided to change, people think it should erase their past wrong doings. It doesn't work that way. I see tweets like, 'he has a wife and kids' and 'he's doing this tv show now, they wrong for locking him up'. Umm... if he actually did it and got caught, then he is where he needs to be. Im just saying. There are millions of men locked up right now that have wives and children, some of those children they never even got to meet. So while we wished they just let Mendeecees go with a slap on the wrist, it isn't realistic. I do wish them the best and hope that Yandy remains by his side until he is released.

Cisco Rosado photo courtesy www.celebnmusic247.com
I think this is the Cisco Rosado that had a stint with Diamond Strawberry who had sex with Rich in the bathroom of a restaurant... Am I right? Anyway, this dude stay getting played by the LHHNY females. I don't know any of his work, I don't know who he is, I don't know how he is Hip Hop or why he is on this show, but so far, it seems he just going where the wind blow him, if it's not about him and Rich Dollars hitting the same ball out the park, he really has no story. I guess we can call him a seat filler. He be in the studio from time to time but whatever. He was dating Moe Monkey until the Thot Thot Thotlicious single release party when Moe and Mariah Lynn found out they was blowing the same flute. So he ended up with Mariah 'Snow Bunny but i'm Hispanic when I hang out with Cardi B' Lynn. That is until he found out Rich Dollars had 6 minutes in hell with her.

Mariah Lynn of LHHNY
Every time Mariah Lynn walks her ass across my screen I scream with excitement. Not because I am a fan, but because I am THOROUGHLY entertained to watch her 'wigger' out. She's black hood girl when she hangs with Self, she's Hispanic when she hangs with Cardi B, and shes a Snow Bunny when she's with Rich and Cisco, with just a little Hip Hop flava'. In short, she's a chameleon. Her bars are novice at best. That Money Gun track is catchy as hell, I can't front. I think i'll download that later. Anyway, Mariah reminds me of Iggy Azalea, like Mona Scott Young had to meet some sort of EEO quota so she found the most over the top white girl in NYC that she possibly could. Mariah talks like she got those hands but honestly I think Moe would beat pure dog piss out of her if they didn't have that 'no contact' clause in those contracts. Mariah is actually very boring to watch with the exception of Rich and Cisco getting her ass right together in that last episode. I think these networks feel like the hip hop community is impressed when we see a white girl that raps. This bitch is NO Eminem. She is really pretty and if she wasn't so short, could probably be a successful model. If I was her, I'd attach my name to some sort of product or clothing line before my fifteen minutes of fame were up. Trust me, she is only going to get fifteen minutes.

Remy Ma and Papoose

The HEAVY HITTERS! Remy Ma and her hubby Papoose. The ones on the show that actually have a Wikipedia page because they are STILL widely known. Remy got out of a jail stint and got her ass right back to work. Papoose is watching her ass like a hawk to ensure she doesn't violate parole and a bitch face at the same damn time. I love me some Remy Ma, before LHHNY, before 'Conceited'. I used to go to those rap battles they used to throw in Forrest Park and every chick there used to try and copy Remy hardcore, I don't give a fuck style. I'm more of a Jadakiss than a Remy though. Yes, I have bars as well. It must be a Bronx thing. Ya Dig!? Anyway, its fun trying to watch Remy keep control while a chick steps out of line like she won't regret it later. I am hoping Remy and Pap get more airtime because they are really interesting to watch. They are definitely relationship goals, loyalty goals, and bestie goals for those that are single and mingling.

Tara Wallace, Peter Gunz, Amina Buddafly

This right here is the reason why when someone in the relationship says, 'it OVER', it should stay over. To bring everyone up to speed who may not be familiar with the show; Tara is PG's baby mother, he married Amina while they were together and told Tara she was his 'artist'. Tara left Peter, Amina ended up pregnant with PG's baby, but the real tea is, Tara continued to sleep with Peter. Tara ended up moving into Amina and Peters building, where we learned she was STILL seeing him. Amina ended up preggers again and made the news known when she found out that Tara was being the ultimate side chick. Amina says she aborted but whenever anyone mentions Tara's pregnancy, they say 'too'... Tara came out with the news she was pregnant as well. Amina had an abortion and Tara kept her baby. Now here is my opinion on this situation.
Amina- Amina Buddafly is the sweetest, most naive females I have ever seen in the history of reality television. While Tara may be the side chick now, you were a side wife! In my experience, how you get them is usually how you lose them as well. Tara sleeping with Peter is par for the course that you all have set up for yourselves. Wrong is wrong no matter who is more wrong in the situation. Just because Peter said he was single when he was with Tara, but he was still going home, you felt that it was cool to marry him and now you have exactly what you coveted; Peter. The last time I really watched, Peter was in Germany to get you back. How in the entire world did they all start living in the same building!? Because it's gonna get better right? SMH! Anyway. Peter knows that Amina will continuously take him back. Why isn't Amina sister there because if her only ally is Peter daughter, she may want to rethink the need of citizenship and take her ass back to Au Gratin (you have to say the Gratin part strong in your head for it to be funny you idiot, I KNOW it isn't a real place, i'm making fun of Germany, shut up!)
Tara- Tara is a NEW fool! The kind your grandmother shake her head about when she hears the fuckery that transpired. This man cheated countless times with different women throughout your relationship, he lied about his entire life when you met him, married another chick while you were together, and had a baby with the woman. Then she ends up pregnant by him herself, and found out at what she calls 18 weeks. Have you lost your damned mind!? Do you feel like a winner? Girl bye? Regardless to not knowing these people personally, one thing I will state as a fact is that the reason Tara keeps messing with Peter is because she doesn't understand how Amina got him. TRUST ME! Tara is like the hot chick in the party, sees the fat girl walk in, and doesn't take a second look because she knows for a FACT her man wouldn't go there. She feels like she is better than her and if her man was going to step out it damn sure wouldn't be with that. Never mind she is beautiful, talented, and genuinely a nice person. Females kill me thinking that they are so BAD that someone they see as lesser to them won't catch the eye of their man. Let this be a lesson to you females out there, she may not be attractive to YOU, it doesn't mean he will see her with the same eye you do. This is Tara. Tara underestimated a female she thought she was better than. Tara is stupid. Don't be like Tara.
Peter- Peter is the WORST kind of guy to run into. He will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, be attentive and caring, and turn himself into the exact man that you needed when he met you. Then when you are good and committed, all of his lies and bullshit will begin to surface. Peter is the guy that will get in anywhere he needs to fit in. It really has me wondering, if both Amina and Tara kicked him out, where will he be living. He goes from house to house with that Army issue duffel bag and we know he hasn't fought in near not a war. Peter needs to keep his Peter to himself running around having all of this unprotected sex. All of them should just get a house and live together.

Well, this is my opinion on the cast of this seasons LHHNY... Follow me on IG, Twitter, and SnapChat @Elle_Sweetest...

Oh yeah, there's these two girls, they used to be a rap group Moe Money and Sexy Lexxy, but they aren't anymore,  thot thot thotlicious sucks as bad as the track name sounds. They aren't interesting enough to write about, oh and Rich Dollars is still hitting thots and putting out no music... Peace.

P.S. Amina, don't cry on TV girl, not just because you need to be strong, but because you look like sh!t when you do. Smooches.

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