Monday, December 28, 2015

Mod Tax Bar: I Guess The Mod In Mod Tax Bar Stands For RIPOFF!

So, y'all know the tax season is undoubtedly upon us. So me being a preparer I do my usual job hunt. This year I am happy to say I dodged the fuckery early and am glad that come mid season I won't have to start yet another civil suit to get my coin. I surely don't play that sh!t... I applied with Mod Tax Bar on Laconia and 225th in the Bronx. It's nice enough, innovative, and forward thinking. Of course one has to be trained on the policies, office procedures, and software usage. They presented me with my contract, which was cool to my naked eye, but they didn't count on me having a retained lawyer I guess, I signed it and moved on. The first chance I got I emailed that sh!t right on to him.

Well today I get a call and my lawyer is basically asking me if I am a damned fool because the contract is so one sided that its in fact ALMOST illegal. OK, see if you can keep up... My contract states that I get paid training. However, if they choose to fire me before 8 weeks, any money I earned during my training must be paid back. Then there is a clause in it that states, if they fire me, they don't have to give me a reason, any money they owe me I am agreeing to forfeit, mind you, I wouldn't start getting my commissions until February 21st, 9 weeks after my training started... Can you feel the fuckery!?... Don't get the problem? Let me break it down. If they decided to fire me on February 20, for no reason at all, I would have basically waived my right to any commission they are supposed to pay me at 3% per return and I could end up having to pay then back the money I earned during training as well. You guys have no idea of the sheer volume of returns one preparer can do in a span of 9 weeks. I just sued iTax (and won) on Webster avenue for trying to pull the same shit on me in 2014. The difference is, they tried to be slick about it, these bitches that own Mod was trying to straight f*#k me raw with no KY.

When I bought the problem to their attention they were like, "but you signed it", I'm like, "but I damn sure shouldn't have". They tried to tell me the contract says any 'extra' money will be forfeited, I'm like bish what extra money!? There is NO extra money! So one of the owners starts going on about me being late yesterday, mind you I told them I needed Sunday's and Monday's off, so miss Quiane decided that meant schedule me for a half day. If you didn't have a problem yesterday, get over it! In the end I smiled at those delusional ladies and told them "thank you for the opportunity" in my 'f*%k you very much tone' and sashayed my ass right out of that office. They had me ENTIRELY messed up! 

Spoiler Alert:
they have the highest fees I have ever seen, if you are going to do self employed, say goodbye to $500-900 of your dollars. 

If you are only claiming school credits say goodbye to $500 of the $1000 refund when you could do it with HR Block for like $200.

Off the record, I was basically told to nickel and dime people with fees to get as close to $1000 as possible. You cannot be charged more than that for individual preparation fees.
If you come in for the $50, and you have all of your information, they will e-file or say they have efiled your return even if you change your mind read all of their forms CAREFULLY! They sneak in a $49 charge so they aren't giving you anything anyway, which is extremely unethical.

Do not take that $750, it is a LOAN not an advance, the interest will be astronomical and overall you will end up paying them way more than you actually want to. 

And there you have it. I don't wanna put down my own people, but this is why I honestly don't like working for African Americans, my own people. Mind you I'm taking a huge pay cut working for them but I believed in and saw their vision. I just can't with greedy bitches. Filers beware!

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