Thursday, December 31, 2015

Calling All Cake Lovers!: NYC Birthday Cakes: Get You Some!

I was canvassing Twitter (being nosy), and I came across this page, NYC Birthday Cakes, now y'all know I love me some cake, and since my son birthday is in February, I am actually looking to have a custom made Donatello cake made for him. TMNT are his 'thing' right now. I come across NYC Birthday cakes and decided to go to their site. I'm thinking, 'this will be another cake shop that sells cakes with the edible cookie on top'. I am glad to say that I was WRONG! They do custom cakes in replication to ANYTHING you can think of. The talent that I am sure it takes to make these creations is astounding.

Check out the website: NYC Birthday Cakes

Follow them on twitter: @NycCakes

Get you Some! Tell Them Hear/Say Sent YOU!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Mod Tax Bar: I Guess The Mod In Mod Tax Bar Stands For RIPOFF!

So, y'all know the tax season is undoubtedly upon us. So me being a preparer I do my usual job hunt. This year I am happy to say I dodged the fuckery early and am glad that come mid season I won't have to start yet another civil suit to get my coin. I surely don't play that sh!t... I applied with Mod Tax Bar on Laconia and 225th in the Bronx. It's nice enough, innovative, and forward thinking. Of course one has to be trained on the policies, office procedures, and software usage. They presented me with my contract, which was cool to my naked eye, but they didn't count on me having a retained lawyer I guess, I signed it and moved on. The first chance I got I emailed that sh!t right on to him.

Friday, December 11, 2015

What The F^*k Has Happened To Macaulay Culkin !?

Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone

Oh Em Gee! What in heavens name has happened to Macaulay Culkin!? He was the cute little boy from the movie that I watched over and over again as a kid and through my teen years; Home Alone. Remember Kevin? The sassy mouth kid that got left home alone while his family went on a Christmas vacation to Paris without him. He thwarted robbers, got to meet the 'neighborhood slasher', and kind of grew up a little bit by the end of the movie?
Seth Greene & Macaulay Culkin: Party Monster

Friday, December 4, 2015

Jelani Maraj: Nicki Minaj's Brother Charged With Raping 12 Year Old Girl!

Today has to be the most embarrassing day of Nicki Minaj's life and honestly my heart goes out to her. It was reported by numerous sources this morning, and confirmed by Nassau County Criminal Court, that Nicki's brother Jelani Maraj, that was just married this year, has been arrested and is facing some serious charges, rape in the 1st degree with a child under 17 and sexual misconduct against a child 1st degree.

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