Friday, November 20, 2015

Are More Married Women Giving Their Spouses 'Hall Passes'?

I keep coming across these stories about female celebs giving their spouses 'hall passes' to sow their carnal oats elsewhere. Toya Wright and now Monique have jumped on the 'I let my husband cheat' bandwagon. This is some new school marital sh!t that I will never cosign. What woman in her right mind wants her husband to be unfaithful, let alone gives him 'permission' to do so.

 Let me blow that crap out of the water right now. The reason these women are claiming that they give their husbands these passes, is because their spouses are more than likely cheaters already, couple that with being a celebrity and you have yourself a recipe for embarrassment if the sh!t hits the fan and a side chick decides she wants some social media attention. I call that damage control. I do not understand the logic that he is going to cheat anyway. Being a grown ass man means that although you wish to place an order, you only look at the menu. In other words, just because you see a woman that you want to have sex with, you have the respect and commitment for your relationship that it takes not to.
Married men are in situations where they are tempted every single day, not all of them will fall to temptation. To give your spouse permission to cheat, let's call a spade a spade, you have to assume that they would cheat whether you gave your asinine permissions or otherwise. Then, what kind of person would want to be with someone that will? How low is YOUR self esteem? Some may argue that ending a long term relationship over infidelity is a poor choice to make. I have to rebut with anyone in a committed relationship that cheats on their spouse and gets caught deserves to be left. Being so in love with someone that you would openly allow them to not only put your health at risk, but take away your peace of mind that you are their one and only, sounds a bit sad to me. Then there is always the possibility that spending time sexually with others may also invoke some emotional attachment, what do you do when your spouse decides that they would rather be with the person you so willingly allowed them to cheat with? It also pushes me to the thought of what else would you be willing to put up with, physical abuse, criminal acts? Is the fear of loneliness that great? Is the desperation and thirst that real? Honey, it is never THAT serious? But, I guess.. To each his own right? I am the type of person that feels like if I am not good enough, then there is nothing we need to work on, invokes my inner Aretha, because I WILL survive! People need to learn to stand for something because it seems they are falling for everything. I guess next they will be giving interviews where they say they are introducing their 'Sister-Wives'. Take the wheel!

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