Saturday, October 3, 2015

When Being Racist In The Work Place Goes Wrong: Geris Hilton (UPDATED)

(Guest Blogger: Fenominal Rayne) 
It seems these days more and more people are becoming racially bold via social media. Well, companies of today are here to say; WE WON'T STAND FOR THIS BEHAVIOR!

A picture went viral of a white man that took a selfie with the child of a woman he works with in the background, he and his friends then went on to attack the child in the picture with a ton of racial slurs. Before he could remove the picture, the comments and the original post was captured by someone resulting in the loss of 'Geris Hilton's' job. I say, why stop there, the people commenting should also be held accountable. If they own any businesses, no one should shop there and they should be given reviews stating that they are racist or not 'minority friendly'. So to my readers, if you know of these people and/or have information on where they are employed, please send the information to The time for these sorts of things has come to an end. Hold people accountable for the things that they post. If you had the balls to comment, you should have the spine to stand firm while you get fired...

Tim Zheng (sounds like someone who immigrated to the US, just like most of the commenters whose names sound nothing like Native Americans, and has a LOT of nerve!) Mr. Zheng deleted his Facebook. But no worries, Mr. Zheng will NOT be evading this fire! It seems he is affiliated with a company called; Tapture. a fairly NEW company. Tapture will be releasing a statement but they only had this to say for now as far as Mr. Zheng's comments;

________The ORIGINAL Comments:

If you have any information pertaining to where any of these people are employed, feel free to contact us. This has GOT to end! MINORITY DOLLARS MATTER! This is how we put an END to BIAS, RACISM, BIGOTRY! Do NOT patron businesses that have will hire these kinds of people. Do NOT patron businesses that will NOT hire your people, but will accept your green money with an open hand! Do NOT patron businesses that will not accept the social responsibility of helping put an end to racism or bias of ANY KIND! #EndIt

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