Wednesday, October 14, 2015

T.I.: The World Isn't Ready For A Woman President

In a recent interview, T.I. was quoted saying something that I am sure ruffled a few feminist feathers. While I am sure he could have served his point with just a little bit of sugar, no one can deny that he just may be absolutely right. Most Americans think of the Presidency as our national representative, when in fact, the President is our Global representative. It Just stands to reason that countries where women have little to no rights, have leaders that would feel less than great about having to discuss international relations and/or policies with a woman. While I believe that a woman can do as well as, if not a better at representing our nation than a man, OTHER countries may not feel the same way.

This is T.I.'s statement on a woman being President of the United States;

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The whole Lochness Monster reference was more than asinine, but it still doesn't take away from the fact that 90% of the worlds' leaders, including our own, would much rather not have to deal with a woman in matters that could affect the free world as a whole. North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Japan are just a few nations that will look down on our country if a woman were to be elected. N. Korean President, Kim Jong-Un will be more than blatantly disrespectful in his dealings with our nation. Even more so than his pudgy smug ass is already. Why? Because some of these nations, like T.I, think women are emotional and weak. They believe that we lead with our hearts instead of the logic in our heads and it would be somewhat of a bad idea to be perceived as having a weak leader when the world hates you and are itching for a war ( N. Korea). Like I said, T.I. made a bad judgement only in choice of words. If you can't feel the point, see the forest for the trees, then I don't know what to tell you. United States politics does not only affect OUR nation and I really am a Hillary fan, but i don't think she would be the RIGHT Madam President for the times that we are now in with regards to foreign interaction with our nation. I'm just saying...Don't forget the time she was asked a question and started to cry on national television...

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