Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This LHHH Star Is About To Rip Y'all Off!

Now, I love a good 'find', I love to spill tea, and trust me this is BIG. Soulja Boi is releasing his new SBeezy Lights. But wait, I've seen those sneakers before. The things that make you go hmm... I'm not saying they are the same sneakers, but they damn sure look like they have the same daddy. I call them the Khloe and O.J. of sneakers, they may be the same, but no one is talking about it..

Anyway, those green sneakers with the purple stripe are what originally gave me the nagging feeling that I have seen these shoes before and they had nothing to do with Soulja Boi. Nice try though, I'd rather get mine from AliExpress, they are cheaper and look like the exact same thing... IJS!

I guess... So this is what's REALLY hood in 2015. A struggling artist selling what I can only assume to be AliExpress Brand Items with the old tags cut off and new tags sewn on?? I WISH I would! Does it look the same to you guys!?

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