Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tatanysha Hedman: Mom Sets Husband On Fire For (allegedly) Molesting Daughter (VIDEO)

I got wind of Tatanysha Hedman of course, through Facebook. I've had a long day, I'm tired, and had no intentions on blogging, responding to people, or anything that required even a sliver of a new thought. This, gave me pause, and then I read the story. It was a great relief that Tatanysha is a mom that would go to great lengths to protect and/or avenge her child, even if the monster is her own husband.

 It is very clear that Tatanysha loves her child more than her husband who I gather is not the father. Apparently, her husband, Vincent Phillips, allegedly molested her seven year old daughter. Mom waited for him to go to sleep then set the fires of hell loose upon this earth and that ass! She admitted to the police what she had done and why with no sense of remorse for what she had done. Now, I do not condone vigilante behavior of any kind, I am a firm believer in first letting the law work, and if it doesn't, then well, let the chips fall where they may. This however, is one of those rare cases where I say KUDOS to not letting a sick monster get away with scarring a child for life. Vengeance will never give back what he allegedly took away from that little girl, but I am sure it will give her the strength she will need to move on and solidify the trust she has in her mother, if nothing else. The worst thing a victim of sexual abuse could encounter far worse than the act is watching her abuser go free, whether it be from lack of evidence or a good defense attorney. I am hoping that if he DID do this to her child, the fact that she set his ass a blaze doesn't ignite some sort of sympathy for him. If he did not do this, then I pray for Miss Hedman because they are going to lock her ass under the jail. Even if he did not, the thought of someone doing this to your child, as a parent, is enough to send you over the edge. Miss Hedman didn't plot and scheme, and set her husband up, hire someone in a dark alley. She did what she felt she needed to of her own accord and actions, fueled by the thought of someone (allegedly) touching her child inappropriately. Either way, I understand.

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