Thursday, October 8, 2015

Man Charged With Getting A 12 Year Old Pregnant, Only Because She Wasn't 13!?

In the UK, Belfast seems to be a bit medieval concerning the subject of sexual 'consent' and legal age to do so. According to The Telegraph , a 19 year old was arrested for impregnating a 12 year old girl. Kudos, then the article goes on to say;

"Police confirmed that the 19-year-old had been arrested on Thursday in relation to an alleged sexual offence and has been released on bail, pending further inquiries.
If it is found that he had sex with the girl, he faces being charged with rape, which can carry a life sentence upon conviction.
Because those aged under 13 are not legally considered to be able to give consent to sex, those who engage in sexual activity with them face a charge of statutory rape."

 Wait! WHAT!?

My understanding is that the legal age for consent in the UK is age 16. Having sexual contact with a minor under the age of 13 can result in life imprisonment. I don't know if The Telegraph meant to word it that way, maybe they meant to say 'since those under age 16 are not legally able to consent, those who engage in sexual activity with a child under 13 face life imprisonment.' It seems a bit irresponsible for them to publish a statement that makes it seem like the age of sexual consent in Belfast is 13 years of age. I'm just saying... 

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