Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lamar Odom: Are We Really Surprised?

OK so, If you had asked me, I'd be blaming all kinds of sh!t on Kris Jenner, including Lamar Odom's current situation. I gave my opinion way back when, when Lamar's crack rap video surfaced. You couldn't TELL me that Kris Jenner wasn't behind the scenes pulling the strings to ensure her baby girl, strong face Khloe Kardashian, would get all that she wanted when the dust cleared and the divorce was finalized.

Lamar Odom's Ex Wife Liza Morales
Yeah, that's right, the divorce isn't finalized as Lamar Odom lays unconscious in a hospital after (what some are assuming) is a drug overdose. When it came out that Lamar Odom was heavy into drugs, he checked into rehab back in 2013. Khloe filed for divorce at some point, leaving his ass to dry out on his own. It seems the only people that were around for him these days were pushers and ladies of the night (as he was found unconscious in a Vegas brothel). When the video of him rapping and looking higher than a kite surfaced, where were all these people that are now running to his bed side, Khloe included? While her almost ex husband was drug binging and sleeping with prostitutes, she was running around with French Montana wack ass hanging out in the Bronx. Wait, isn't he dating Sanaa Lathan now? Bitch, I guess... No one cared before, but I bet they care NOW. Especially Khloe Kardashian who will stand to inherit whatever he has left and any and all insurance policies associated with him. I honestly feel so badly for his children because there are just some things a child should never find out about their parent, at least not the social media or news desk way. I wasn't going to touch this story because honestly, I can't muster up the chill it takes to do so. I am going to blatantly write how I feel about a situation even if it isn't the 'right' things to say. Lamar Odom is a grown ass man with a drug problem and no real support other than what his so-called family will do for the viewers on the 'Vine', I have an uncle who is on drugs, every chance I get I try and change his views on life, hit him with a few dollars, maybe a plate of food if he wants it. I would NEVER turn my back on my uncle. Lamar's people turned his back on him, and he didn't even steal anything from them. Everyone giving condolences and empty prayers were the same ones making memes and laughing, (myself included), about a situation that really wasn't funny, but was at the same time. I do hope Lamar Odom pulls through, but if given the choice, Lil O.J. will be pulling that plug with one hand, and holding her hand out for that insurance policy money with the other. I am not saying that Khloe wished this on Lamar, but the running to be by his side is a little late and a bit contrived looking. All press is good press I guess. The thing that pisses me off is that Lamar Odom was married before KK,  to Liza Morales, and I guess no one cares about his other family enough to want to know how they feel.

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