Monday, October 5, 2015

Basket Ball Wives L.A.: The Wrap-Up (VIDEO)

I have been watching Basketball Wives L.A. and I actually held out and caught the entire season. I don't really like to form an opinion, especially about someone's character, just based upon two or three episodes. Well, some have been asking about my views on certain goings on surrounding the ladies and what we see on camera. Get your light, grab a piece of the sofa and let me spill this Tea on how I really feel about these women....

First up, Draya Michele, the only reason I am putting Draya first is because toward the end of the show she was more scarce than the edges on a chick with a bad perm. Draya made her exit after she was confronted by Brandi about saying her 'Cancer story' is of all things 'boring'. If Draya isn't a part of some sort of drama, she is in fact, boring. Draya is beautiful, and basic, and overall not the type of person that I can see having any sort of long term friendships with any females. Draya seems to be one of those people that pretends to be whatever she thinks she needs to be for people to like her. Hence her saying that hurtful sh!t to Brandi when she thought the tape wasn't rolling. Following reality girl formula, she is now a fashion designer, I actually think her clothing line, Fine Ass Girls, is cute, in an Urban, chilling out in the park with your 'girls', kind of way. I wouldn't be surprised if she offered a 'Jersey Dress' soon. Doesn't it seem that everyone in reality television is a fashion designer with these pop-up Insta-boutiques chocked full of crap from AliExpress and such. I guess...

The season introduced Mehgan James (former Bad Girls Club member) to the group via Jackie Christie. No shade, Mehgan DID present herself to the group like some lost L.A. Lamb that didn't have a friend in the WORLD. However, If the only person in the group I knew was Jackie, I wouldn't shout that sh!t either. The girls would have been drama whether she admitted to knowing Jackie or not. As soon as they realized they no longer cared for Draya, Brandi decided to give Mehgan a chance. Okay, let me pause for a second. Who does this? I can be cool with you, only if me and her are on the outs? Girl bye! Shaunie was right about one thing, this group of women are too old to be making these childish ass moves. Anyway, Mehgan is the chick that will Google your entire existence before she brings the heat. If she puts her chubby little hands together and says, 'Okay, this is how I feel about you...', she is ready for the drama and trust she has dirt. Mehgan usually has a dominating and leader uality that I have yet to see on this show. The personality that I was waiting for Mehgan to bring is just not there. She seems to be just going through the motions, kissing ass, and trying to win favor over the other women. Other than 'almost' getting into fights, I am getting bored with her.

Angel Brinks, friend of Draya, another new face in the cast. The good thing about Angel is that she arrived as an entrepreneur, she has a fashion line (no surprise), Angel Brinks Fashion. Angel seems like the type of person that I call a chameleon. Since Tami told her she has to be confrontational, she decided that she was going to open her mouth about something she knew absolutely nothing about and piss Mehgan off. Angel has actually been minding other people business since she debuted. Angel comes off like a liar to me and I wouldn't trust her. If she was so loyal to Draya, and she is a REAL friend, why are you still around Angel? Draya is gone. She decided to start some sh!t with Mehgan and bring up her having an abortion, but that was something Mehgan told her. The real gag is, I hear that what Mehgan said was true, Angel Brinks is allegedly a former Vegas escort, and if you need further information Google is definitely giving up the past blog goodies, apparently she isn't 'new'. I think in the categories of 'wrongs', selling your ass is way more eyebrow raising than having an abortion so you don't have a child with a man that isn't worth it, to be going through the problems YOU are going through with your baby daddy! 

Jackie Christie. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie, I am going to be fair. She has toned down a lot since the season had began. She, however, is the WORST type of person. Jackie will hug you and stab you in the back at the same damn time. I couldn't even be friends with someone that would be friends with her. Jackie is entirely too old to be placed in a circle with these women and the fact that 'they' brought Mehgan in as her friend says a lot about her maturity. If they were not going to bring in an older woman to compliment Jackie's age, and maybe grow her ass up a bit, they should have just gotten rid of her. It seems weird that this woman who should be well into grand-motherhood is going to great lengths to befriend these 20-something year old girls and is the cause of most of the drama. Case in point, the finale episode. Brandi and Malaysia made it clear that they did not want to confront Shaunie and Tami when they were having lunch after zip lining. As soon as they got to dinner, the first thing Jackie did was start talking about 'clearing the air' and if 'anyone had anything to say to her', girl bye! That was the opener for the drama. If you ask me, Jackie looks really bad every time she opens her pretentious, ghetto mouth on this show, and if this is the best route for her to take, at least have a brand to plug...

Malaysia Pargo. I like Malaysia. I like Malaysia more when she is not being such a Debbie Downer. The one thing I do love about Malaysia is she will stand up for herself. She is going to say exactly how she feels, whether she is right in her assumptions or not. I always say, NEVER apologize for how you FELT! Chances are they had a hand in making you feel that way. Malaysia is absolutely right in how she was feeling in her dealings with Shaunie. But I'll get to Shaunie later. Malaysia seems like she would be a cool friend to have. I like her and Brandi's relationship and it doesn't seem sexual in nature at all so I can't understand why Tami kept asking her if they were lesbians, but I guess.

Brandi Maxiell also seems like she would be a good friend to have, occasionally. Brandi is a bit childish and seems like the type to throw a tantrum in a public place. Brandi seems like she will ruin the fun for her friends if things aren't going her way. I like that Brandi has Malaysia's back and their friendship seems to be genuine. The thing I like most about Brandi is she will put the pause to your ass and she is not too cute to do so.

Tami Roman. I LOVES me some Tami Roman, but umm, let me get you right on together for a second. The way you interacted with these ladies made me kind of side eye you. Especially since in my eyes, Tami does NO wrong. You were wrong a lot on this particular show. You came into the circle aggressively and sarcastically, which was the point in Shaunie inviting you. You and Shaunie were talking at them like they were children, and while Mehgan, Jackie, and Angel bowed their heads and hid their hands, Brandi, Malaysia, and Draya was not really feeling what you were bringing. I totally understand not allowing two people to jump on one, but telling them if they both came at Jackie you would get involved, they were right to tell your ass to be ready. The situation had nothing to do with you. The thing that bothered me most was that lie you and Shaunie told. Y'all said that you weren't laughing at the situation between Mehgan and Angel, but you actually were, Shaunie pointing out it had nothing to do with you THAT time came after!

Shaunie O'neal  is a slick one.  As soon as she stepped onto the scene, she gave me a feeling of, 'I'm the EP, so watch what you say or how you act around me'. She basically said what she wanted to these girls with some salt and a smile, and if they said anything to defend themselves they were being 'sensitive'. Bitch bye. Brandi is basically doing what they do at the dinner, tell each other how they feel and get any problems out. You sat there like you were on a throne, looking down your nose at them, like you were some sort of Queen and they were just bitches in your court. You had been taking jabs at them and I am proud that Brandi did not conform and get played on cable television. Shaunie would not trade HER dignity or self respect for a check, why should anyone else? I am not a fan of people like that. If you are going to interject yourself into this cast, and interact with them as a friend, it says a lot about her that she would pull the Executive Producer card because she doesn't like what someone said to her. If I was one of the other girls I would definitely take heed to that and keep one eye on her.


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