Sunday, September 13, 2015

Young Thug VS Plies: Im MuhFu#^inTired! WAIT! Is That The Child's Mom With A Response To Plies!?

So Plies posted a video of a little girl saying she's 'Muhf^*#!n Tired', the mother can CLEARLY be heard encouraging the little girl to speak louder and clearer, I guess she thought it was a good idea. WRONG! Turns out, the little girl in the video happens to be rapper Young Thug's daughter. Thug diddy bopped over to IG to 'check' Plies in his comments about posting the video to his feed. Thug then went a step further to threaten Plies via his feed to take the video down.

Young Thug

 In true Plies fashion he basically told Thug to go 'ufck' himself. Now, I am not too sure if this is Young Thugs baby mama, if it is, I am not too sure if this is the mother of the child in question, but she has a message for Plies. Now, with the who's, what's, and why's out of the way, it's time for some damned answers! How does one have time to make a clap back video, but none for regularly scheduled dental appointments, mom? How does one encourage their child to use that type of language, mom? How does the police raid a mansion you live in and you have your people looking like they are living hand to mouth, Thug?

That's not to say she should be living in a mansion because nothing strikes me as ambitious when it comes to this type of mom. Now on the other hand, that particular baby mother, I wouldn't give a damn thing! I'd pay for whatever my child needs or wants and nothing more/less. She just SCREAMS ratchet! She seems like the type of baby mama that will make her child father cut the tags off the clothes so she can't return/resell them. Jesus Take The Wheel! Young Thug is out here trying to front like he had absolutely no idea his child talks like that, and that he would handle the situation accordingly. Boy Stop! Thugs baby mama number 17 defending him, and insulting the mother in question, so the sh!t doesn't slide her way when it starts rolling downhill. Bye Felisha! These guys have too many baby mommas for me to keep up, this is just ridiculous. If they a real player like Young Joc, they all must be one big happy family, having baby mama luncheons and brunches, Hollywood style!

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