Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boss Nails: Dany Cody: Imperial Queen

Ok, I have been watching this show Boss Nails for a few weeks now. I wanted to get the entire gist of it before I made my decision on whether or not I was going to give it a chance. Over the weeks the show has shown viewers how beautiful and creative nail art can be. Its a bit repetitive as far as the nail styles, there isn't really any tea to speak of other than this young woman being married to this old microwaved looking man. But, I guess...

 I am sorry but honestly, I would have had to know them an extremely long time to believe that relationship isn't a business venture, but go 'head Miss Dany! Mrs. Cody just unveiled what she calls 'Imperial' nails. They are metallic looking with real diamonds set inside them. I am SO sorry, but that does not seem to be the best investment. Nobody is spending $30,000 on real diamonds unless they are set in something that can be insured. Unless Allstate starts including artificial nails in their rental insurance clause, I just don't see it happening. I believe she started off with an awesome idea, but didn't think of the reach of her clientele. The only stars I see gracing my screen when she is on are from Instagram, and that's not to throw shade at Nuni (my favorite, then he left), or anyone else, it's just that I don't see her pulling in 'Kim Kimble type' clientele. From the looks of the people at her launch party, (no shade) she should have spent the money on expanding her already lucrative business. "Tippy Toes" has ultimately set the bar for nail art. Why not expand while the name is becoming more familiar to viewers? Just a thought. Any way, If I am ever in Miami or L.A. I will definitely stop by to get my nails done because they definitely make you want them done!

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