Thursday, August 20, 2015

Welcome To The Bad Girls Club: Shannade and Shannon Clermont (EXPLICIT PHOTOS)

Well, I can say that my search for information on the Clermont Twins has definitely paid off. These girls are definitely about their business. They have spreads in a number of magazines and seem to be taking the modeling world by storm. They are model/actresses and seem to be the new 'Divas' of the Bad Girls' house. While last seasons Alex boasted of being a model, The Clermont twins definitely have a LOT of printed work out there post BGC. You GO girls! I really don't have much to say about the twins other than if they were not twins, they wouldn't be as interesting as a single person, their personalities seem to mirror and compliment each other and I am sure photographers love that, to be honest, they are pretty boring to watch unless they are having some sort of drama, if it were the twins and Kat hanging out for a whole episode, I don't think I could take it. They are from New Jersey, raised in Atlanta, now they are New Yorkers, and I must be honest, I have no idea where they get those fake ass accents from. No shade at all, it just makes them sound crazy and I wish they quit doing it. I never understand why people think trying to sound like a white valley sorority girl makes them seem classy, but, I guess...

They are really pretty females, not sure how old they are but they seem kind of old to still be referring to themselves as 'bad girls' and pulling bully antics but hey, it makes for damn good T.V. Here are the most interesting photos that I have found of the twins. Some are hawtness, some are divalicious, and some will make you want to call they ass and ask wtf!? I guess it's all art....and borderline incest, but whatevs..

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