Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mike Epps: When Trying To Be A Twitter Thot Goes Wrong!

Well, in other unfunny comedian news.... (insert joke about pajamas with the feet still attached here) Mike Epps wife busted him trying to get some random to slide in his DM's. Being the true genius that I think she is, she blasted his messy ass on Twitter, hopefully steering the army of skanks, that I am sure would be f*^king Mike while asking questions about Ice Cube, right back to the sidelines of twitter. I never understood why guys do things like this. True to 'he ain't shit' nature, he blocks the female like she made the fucked up decision... Boy Bye!

Mechelle Epps
Yeah, It's been slow for me, so slow that I actually found Mike Epps interesting and 'Friday' wasn't even on...
Aside from the fact that publicly trying to cheat on your wife is beyond wrong, embarrassing, and dangerous, If I was his wife, instead of blasting him on twitter, I'd have screen shot the tweets, let ole girl get in his DM's and showed him what that community property shit is REALLY about! California is a community property state and they been together long enough to crack them books open and let that dog roam free! Heyyyy Mechelle! Then you have to be realistic, a man that attempts to 'innocently' have a private conversation with someone he obviously has been stalking looking for on IG, hoping she has half naked pictures posted, has probably already cheated, has a few side chicks, and is obviously still looking for more. Mechelle, Mike Epps, is old school with new school flavor, that man has an entirely brand new cellphone, but he knows your ole insecure acting ass is going to confiscate the one you know about as soon as he walks into your home. While you worrying about who he's trying to sleep with, you need to get you a pool boy of your own. Real Talk! We as women hold on so tight to someone that could be slowly letting us go, i don't know if it's fear of being alone, fear of trying to find someone new, or if we just get comfortable with the person that we're with. I am definitely from the 'Wish-A-Ni66a-Woods', New York City is a community property state as well, and that alimony will have a cheating husband ready to jump! Mike eventually blocked the female, of course you know his wife did it after she took his phone, but you know he will be following her again from his secret Twitter account... LOL, ok, ok, let me stop, I have no idea if that man has a secret twitter account, but it is definitely something Harriet The Spy Mechelle Epps may want to investigate.

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