Wednesday, August 12, 2015

LHHATL: Joseline Hernandez VS Karlie Redd! (VIDEO)

Well, well, well. Looks like Karlie Redd FINALLY got what she had coming, and you know what? I'm glad Joseline was the one to give it to her seemingly fake ass. (Seemingly because I am sure this show is borderline scripted reality.) Joseline put on the best performance to date, her lyrics is still garbage truck juice, and if LHHATL ever gets cancelled her ass may just be right back on the pole.

To me, it seems that every time Karlie and Joseline are filming together, Karlie only has negative, dramatic, and gossip for Joseline and anyone else she comes into contact with. While Karlie has a point that Joseline actually has no friends in the cast, they can include anyone on cast just to kick it with Joseline and she will never disappoint with being over the top. Karlie Redd is a coward, I like to have died when Joseline told her put her hands down because she may hit her, and she ACTUALLY put them hands down! I'm from the Wish-A-Bitch-Woods! Anyway, does anyone else have the feeling that Stevie J gave Joseline a 'Dear Jose' letter? Her jaw dropped three feet to the floor while the voice in her ear read that letter to her ol' illiterate speech having ass.. Let me stop. I can admit to being the first one that will pop a bottle if Stevie J leaves Joseline and goes back to Mimi. That would definitely be some karma for her ASS! Especially since we know that Mimi keep changing her job title for some form of relevancy on the show, and it is wearing a bit thin. Get into this behind-the-scenes video, if nothing else, it's damn sure entertaining....

Joseline Vs Karlie Redd (Full Fight) #LoveAndHipHopAtl #IvansPage

Posted by Ivan Jackson on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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