Monday, August 10, 2015

HOLD THIS 'L': Safaree Samuels New Girlfriend, Zashia Santiago, Exposed!!

I decided I would start this with the title of a new blog that I will be contributing to called, 'Hold This 'L' (loss)'! Let me begin by saying that I do not believe for one minute that Safaree Samuels and this girl are REALLY together. Honestly, I think she is just a friend that was offered an opportunity and took it. Hell, if I was Safaree I would have bought the hottest chick PR damage control could buy with the way Nicki publicly dumped him, and the way Meek Mill drags him every opportunity that presents itself.

The only way Safaree is relevant is if Nicki or Meek mentions him. (See that picture, it's from his twitter, I'm not writing anything he doesn't already know) which is something they haven't been doing as of late. No video's, no tweets, not even a damn 'sub' on Facebook. Yeah. So now Safaree has this hottie-thottie, and yes, she is HOT, that's supposedly his 'new boo'. If you're new to my blog, let me tell you now. I am the speculative QUEEN! I don't care about what her explanation is/was. I'm looking at this situation like a dude in a bar staring at an ugly bitch with vodka glasses on... you hear me knocking!? Now, back to getting me, me. I came up on this via e-mail. (Thanks for the heads up but The Shade Room bitch asses got it first LOL.) There is an account on IG Miami__Whorezz that has a WHOOOLE lot to say about Miss Zashia. I'm just going to leave it at that, you can get into the 'evidence' on your own.

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