Monday, July 13, 2015

Raw Talent: Sara Stokes: Sneak Peek FT. Babs

Y'all remember Sara? From 'Making The Band'? Yassssss! Ole girl is back and she is bringing the FIRE!
I honestly didn't expect much from Sara musically. We all KNOW she can sing but I guess the tea surrounding her personal life seemed more interesting than any music she could've released. But that's just MY opinion. Boy am I glad I was WRONG this time! Sara decided to hit the world off with a 'Sneak Peek'! Yasssss mami! Don't give it all away so soon! Let em know! This song had me ready to throw on some stilettos and show em what I'm working with! Ya herd meh? (Mama Dee Voice). Babs came in with the clean up on her verse. Of course I'm going to say I feel she could've went harder, some of her metaphors felt a bit novice for her experience, but hey, she still DID THAT! Sneak Peek is DEFINITELY a summer time club banger! Get you ONE and DL that hit when it hits Itunes! YASSSSSSSSSSS!

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