Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nicki Minaj VS Taylor Swift (UPDATED)

Now, this here, is what you call some interesting shade... Apparently Ms. Minaj is allegedly feeling some type of way because she was not nominated for video of the year; VMA award 2015. The nominees are;

Bad Blood, Taylor Swift & Kendrick Lamar
Thinking Out Loud, Ed Sheeran
Alright, Kendrick Lamar
7/11, Beyonce
Uptown Funk!, Bruno Mars...

no Nicki... She was however nominated for Best Female Video.

Nicki hit Twitter and decided to throw an umbrella over Taylor's day and add some shade.....


I am SO sure we ALL read that right! While Nicki didn't say Taylor's name, she definitely threw the shade her way. I'm guessing professional courtesy made her backtrack and pacify the situation, but umm... Yeah. Everyone isn't going to be into the overly inflated look, maybe the judges felt that the nominees actually had better videos. Whatever the case may be, Nicki was DEFINITELY not here for it! 

Okay, So, now Nicki Minaj is basically going on a Twitter rant and TODAY is the day to address racism in music? Girl PLEASE! Nicki Minaj has probably won every award there is to win! From Best Video to best female rap artist, from the BET awards to the VMA's... She is riling up her cray ass barbs, and for what? So, let me get this straight... Fans should advocate this drama because she feels butt hurt about Taylor 'My Shit Smells Like Roses' Swift taking a spot I guess she felt should have been hers... But no tweets in support of the plight of our brothers and sisters in this racial struggle FOR REAL? So if she had been nominated, would we still have Combat Barbie ranting out on twitter about the racial injustices of the music industry? Don't get it twisted, I KNOW she tweeted about Trayvon, Eric Garner, etc. AS THEY TRENDED. So no need... Puh-Lease... Girl... Bye... I'm embarrassed for her right now. With that being said, it doesn't take away from the fact that Nicki Minaj is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! But what I really don't understand is that if you KNOW they are purposely biased toward African American female artists, why even vie for an award? Why perform for MTV? Maybe it's something that I will never understand as just a regular person. If you screw me out of something I feel that I EARNED, #TeamIDFWU!

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