Monday, July 13, 2015

Music Producer James Worthy - Hip Hop & R&B's 'Hit Maker' Presents: Truth Hurts: Fight 4 Love

They always say that you find things or people when you stop looking. I had the pleasure of an informal meeting of someone that I think is one of the hottest unsung producers of 2015. How I did not know about him, well, Queens, NY native, Emmy nominated producer, James Worthy, who has worked along side the likes of Kanye West and Yung Berg, has definitely piqued my attention! Mr. Worthy produced Sara Stokes' from Making The Bands' new single Sneak Peek (Link To Single) and now has given me this delicious snippet from Truth Hurts' new single entitled; 'Fight 4 Love'. I got the pleasure of asking Mr. Worthy a few questions in an impromptu, informal interview I am not even sure he knew he was having. But you guys know that 'informal' is my middle name!


Elle: are you a manager, promoter, etc? 

JW: I am not a manager or promoter. I am the producer of the record and a musician and song writer.
JW: You can research me as well "Producer James Worthy". I just did Sara Stokes's new single Sneak Peek
Elle: just only realized that. Are there any more artists that you have coming out in this year or the next that you have produced or worked with
JW: Yes: Truth Hurts, Men At Large, Kanye West, Eshe of Arrested Development, and many others
Elle: oh wow, you are quite achieved, im impressed, how long have you been in the industry? You seem extremely experienced from the quality heard
JW: Been in the industry going on 7 years. Worked with some of the best

WITHOUT FURTHER ADIEU, THE PREVIEW OF TRUTH HURTS' NEW SINGLE! Sounds like a club banger, female anthem! WIll you fight 4 love? YASSSSSSSSSSS! I can't wait for the full release!

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