Saturday, July 11, 2015

Baton Rouge Ratchet! My Husband Cheated On Me...

We as women have got to do better. Well, maybe just this chick holding this sign... I can admit, this was the best 'I'm mad you screwing my husband' revenge EVER! Now on to the nitty gritty of the situation. Lady! You should have YOUR HUSBAND's face on that board letting the world know he is a CHEATING DOG! HE is married to you, NOT HER! Now, if she was 'supposed' to be your friend, hey, I get it, if not, you need to direct that foolishness to the man you probably still sleeping with, or left you for ole' girl. Honey I do NOT think THAT was the picture you had wanted to use of ole' Teresa Stewart, you should have found a 'I just woke up with the downs syndrome face' picture or something, she might be a hoe but she damn sure isn't ugly. Who got Theresa number? Shit, I think I understand why! LMAO! Heyyyy Reesee boo!

So to the woman holding the sign, you get the Eat A Dick award for the day, for not also displaying your HUSBANDS picture right along side of HERS! She didn't sleep with your husband, they slept with EACH OTHER! GIRL BYE!

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