Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Althea Heart: Lies? Or Nah?

The price you pay for being a celebrity is people you don't know all in your business. It's true that when it comes to reality television most people would rather see your tribulations than your triumphs. I can admit to being one of those people. I want ALL the tea, bad acting and otherwise!

 Speaking of bad acting and reality television; Love & Hip Hop, case in point, there are few that, if I were a cast member, I would feel they have something I can learn from, something that kept me entertained, or they were just a cool ass person. Deb Antney, Rasheeda Frost, Stevie J, Tammy Rivera, Joe Budden, Omarion, and even Joseline Hernandez, are just a few people that I feel I could fuck with on the former reasons given. Regardless of what I say about Joseline and her gutter trash rap act, A LOT of people out there are buying into it. Althea Heart is NOT one of those people that seems even remotely interesting, she nor Benzino brought anything to the franchise other than beefing with Joseline and Stevie, I only found out yesterday that Thi Thi is kind of more relevant than most people still in cast. It seems these days Miss Thi Thi is on the fiend to stay Twitter relevant. Why do i feel that way? Because they still associate themselves with a show that canned them, that's why. Since being kicked off of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, she and Benzino have been doing everything they can to keep busy in an attempt to show Mona Scott what she missed out on, I guess. Now, Miss Heart has announced she is pregnant and the child is due November 10th. Congratulations to her and Benedryl. She is supposedly five months pregnant.. Riiight. In a picture shared by Benzino of them on In Touch's magazine spread, she looks smaller than she did on the show. Sips Tea.
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This is a post from the 4th of July, umm, she doesn't look five months pregnant to me boo! And before you stans start talking about how small you guys carried, reality television chicks are NOTORIOUS liars! Bambi (Scrappy's girlfriend) did the I'm pregnant/miscarried thing too.

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Another from two weeks ago, I think TMZ would be pissed to learn that they said this because they are making a corny ass movie or something.... I don't know, it doesn't seem like she is five months if at all pregnant. Anyway, Congratulations to you guys if she is, but isn't it crazy that nowadays even pregnancies are scrutinized because people need attention? Being brutally honest, I believe she's pregnant about as much as I would believe Joseline if she announced it. I need to see an actual baby or something. What do YOU guys think?

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