Monday, June 15, 2015

Whitney Houston VS Wendy Williams: "I Will Meet You OutSide, But I'm A Lady!" (VIDEO)

Whitney Houston is known for a lot of things, She was an award winning, singer and actress, she had a hit t.v. show, she was married to Bobby Brown, and had her trysts with Brandy's brother (RayJ). We knew Whitney Houston was 'about that life' when it came over the rumor mill that she had slapped R&B Divas Stacey 'Dry Fry' Francis. Now, while cruising Facebook, because that's what I does, I came across an old video of Wendy Williams at what i presume to be HOT97 and Ms. Houston on the phone. Listen to what happens when Wendy decides to overstep her boundaries and ask Whitney about drug use.

Never Forget!: Whitney Houston played no games with Wendy Williams!

Posted by Dex Jones on Tuesday, June 9, 2015

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