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I'm not even going to comment, I am just going to sit this right here....

The facts of systemic racism

These are the facts ! In 2015 it seems that race issues have gotten worse. We need to spread information like this and have real conversations to fight the systemic poison. Stay in tune with me here @---> VISUALTwitter - @ Iseeitall Instagram - @ Iseeitall to Laci Green for this video.Follow her page here : out these links below for some great information ANTI-RACIST ACTIVISTS TO FOLLOWMichelle Alexander, author of The New Jim Crow Mckesson, twitter activist #BlackLivesMatter Elzia, twitter activist #BlackLivesMatter King, blogger Jones, blogger James White, This Week In Blackness #TWIB Ramsey, YouTube activist white girls say to black girls: you're a caterpillar: Hughes, YouTube activist your first black girlfriend: intersectionality, feminism, and pizza: Wise, white anti-racist activist, SOURCES, AND FURTHER READINGWEALTH & HOUSINGHousing discrimination report racist housing policy that made your neighborhood battle for fair housing is raging but mostly forgotten & income inequality disparities in lending snapshot: school discipline and trends in black education bias in hiring jobs, higher wages - EPI Report INCARCERATIONRacial trends prison the new Jim Crow? prison population trends has largest prison population in the world in the prison industrial complex justice fact sheet PROFILINGRace & the drug war (coke vs cocaine info) me your papers suffer under stop & frisk - man stopped 258 times minority contact - Report gaps in arrests - a staggering disparity BRUTALITYPolice militarization brutality statistics a week white officers shoot black suspects

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