Saturday, June 13, 2015

Twitter: When Stealing Quotes Goes Wrong!

So I'm cruising Twitter (slow blog day) and I come across a young lady with the handle I'm Black, she is an Advocate of Transgender people, African- Americans, and Women. I don't know much about her other than what can be found on her Twitter but I am getting beside the point. It has become customary for people to copy and paste quotes that seem cool or obtained lots of 'likes' and take them as their own, and post, without RT (a sign that the person tagged was the original tweeter). Well, one Twitter user @MiikeisACTIVE got called on his bulls*%t and was none too pleased about it.

All that was left to do after being 'outted' as the type of person that would not only steal someone else quote and not pay them proper homage while doing so, he made himself look further idiotic by calling Ms. Lady a 'Bitch'. Really? Really dude? Well, it seems Mr. Mike has a history of just ripping off other peoples quotes for 'likes'. Who does that? This guy has not ONE original bone in his entire body. This that ish I don't LIKE! Why steal quotes from other people to steal their 'likes'. Who canvasses Twitter on a quote hoe stroll? Don't let this be YOU! Just ReTweet or Quote the damned tweet. Don't go to great lengths to claim things that aren't yours! Did Kendal Jenner and Rachel Dolezal teach us NOTHING? SO Mr. Mike, don't you ever Tweet you 'don't care' about people following you because CLEARLY you do!

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