Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Jam: 2015: SWAT, Pepper Spray, and Tear Gas (VIDEOS)

I can admit that I have never had the desire to go to Summer Jam or any Hip Hop concert as I have no desire to be robbed, trampled, or shot. While I am so deeply rooted in the culture of Hip Hop and R&B, my love for the culture sometimes make me take risks in order to be in unison with the music, the movement. Summer Jam 2015 will be an experience I shall not soon forget.

I can't say that I was having the best experience by the time my sister and I decided to approach the big black gates and the ocean of people waiting to get in. However, I was having a better time than I had been initially, my sister and I were hitting the selfies and taking random pics with people. As the music boomed through the stadium, some drunk idiots decided they would have a fight right at the front gates. Wait, let me back up for a second, let me point out if someone wanted to kill you at Summer Jam, you would definitely be dead. Security was as non existent as crowd control and the first thing the MetLife Stadium does is call the police to sort out the angry crowd of people who were told they would NOT be opening the gates to honor our PAID for tickets. They finally decide to let us in, they open the gates, and what does people do? THEY RUSH THE DAMN GATES! Who in hell does that!? They closed the gates IMMEDIATELY! The troopers show up in swat gear with tactical vehicles, and makes everything go from bad to WTF!? The security at the gates thought it would be a good idea to pepper spray people since the boys in whatever color New Jersey fucktard troopers use had arrived. This move prompted people to begin throwing bottles at the security guards and
moreover made the SWAT team come at the crowd in full force, telling us the concert was over for us, move away from the gates. I WAS LIVID! In the midst of the pepper spraying and tear gas being thrown, me feeling like I was at a protest and not somewhere that was supposed to be fun, someone pushed me, I fell on my knee, and now I type this pissed off beyond words, in pain, with a busted leg. (I will be contacting my attorney MetLife Stadium, and you WILL be coming up off of some coin!)
Now everyone wants to sit back and point fingers at who's fault it was.I'll tell you who's fault it was; METLIFE STADIUM! You have well over twenty thousand people coming for an event and crowd control is NON EXISTENT! Security NON EXISTENT! To make matters worse, to compensate for the complete lack of preparation, lack of safety protocols, and just plain lack of common sense, they call in a SWAT Team! (Claps for MetLife Stadium) Take a bow, you guys are the REAL MVP's! If I were in charge, my head of security would have been FIRED! The event coordinator, FIRED! Anyone that had anything to do with that lack of planning, execution, and conflict resolution, FIRED! MetLife Stadium should be ASHAMED of the way they handled things at the event. No one can blame the Police, really, people started throwing bottles at them, I understand, they were pissed, the Police are not a favorite service institution among the people right now. But, at the end of the day, THEY WERE CALLED! They did not just show up by accident. No one can blame the concert goers, we all were PISSED! A few bad apples ruined the bunch for us all that didn't get a chance to partake in the festivities by no fault of our own. I hope Summer Jam will no longer be hosted by MetLife Stadium because it is apparent, they don't give a shit about anyone's LIFE! They should change the name to MetDeath Stadium.
It took us 4 hours to find the car, in the midst we met some really cool girls from Canada. We met some cool people from all over, things started to get a little better although I was now limping through the parking lot thanking the Almighty I decided to wear my Air Forces. We started photo bombing people and just trying to make the best of a bad situation. So, before anyone starts pointing fingers, blaming the police, blaming the crowd, blaming this and blaming that. MetLife Stadium screwed Summer Jam up all on their own with their lack of preparation for that 'anything can happen' variable. Here's some tips for Summer Jam if you're thinking of going, DO bring a friend, DO NOT get drunk, it's hot and there is NO shade, bring hand sanitizer, paper towels/toilet paper, and baby wipes (you will thank me later), and most of all, bring your own water, soft drinks, food etc. You will need to take out a second mortgage just to buy a damn hamburger from grungy people you do not know. But hey, sometimes you can be so hungry you will risk the salmonella! LMAO!

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