Saturday, March 7, 2015

Minimum Wage Pay Not Okay? Or Is It?

ok, i am about to go on a long ass rant and piss a few people off..

as cute as that whole, we want $15 minimum wages for fast food, it is NOT going to happen. Crawl before you walk! What makes you think that a place with a dollar menu is going to pay you five star wages... Ill let you think about that for a moment. YOU filled out that application and even after they told you how much they pay, YOU accepted the job, now you want to complain? Minimum wage jobs are for those just starting the workforce, teens, college students, you 17 year old little brother wants to buy his own J's. etc. I'm seeing people say things like, 'how am i supposed to take care of a child with a mcdonalds salary? (here comes the butt hurts) If all you qualified for was McDonald's, maybe you shouldn't have been doing things that would put you in a position to HAVE to take care of a child on a McDonalds salary. Even still, WHILE working at McDonalds' you qualify for almost every subsidy and assistance program out there. Work at McDonalds and take YOUR LAZY ASS BACK TO SCHOOL! If you're not trying to work your way to manager, franchisee, or corporate anything, you are wasting your time building a life on wages you know will never sustain your family. Ok, you're still a bit slow I see, let me break it down for you like this, every year it costs me minimum $368 to renew my credentials, I have to take continuing education and a host of other prerequisites before the IRS will allow me to look at you heathens sideways about you living in housing and claiming you have businesses. You dont even pay for your fast food uniform. But you think on some realm of legal crack smoking that you DESERVE to make as much as i DEMAND! Still think that way? Screw it, drink this Kool-Aid. My point is this, there is a plethora of opportunity out there, carpe diem and GO GET IT! The same ones complaining about minimum wage seem to be doing very well in buying $150-$220 sneakers, $600-800 iphones, weed, drinks, and $200 brazilian remy. But you cant feed your kids? Why dont you pawn some of that bling you flossing in your profile pictures.... If you were worth more, you'd get more, and as harsh as it sounds, it's the truth. Don't price yourself out the game, be intelligent and dont sign up for a dead end job, invest in yourself and move toward a career.... DAMN YALL NEED TO GET YALLS LIVES!

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