Sunday, March 15, 2015

Is Dame Dash Suing Empire's Lee Daniels? (VIDEO)

Well, it seems that Damon Dash, former CEO of Rocafella records, bestie and confidant to Jay-Z, and now Here's Waldo, is apparently suing Mr. Lee Daniels. According to a reliable source, Dame and Lee had some sort of contract that has Mr. Dash suing Mr. Daniels as of 2014.

For someone who claims to be a boss, he has damn sure been dragged into civil court enough times to make me a believer. Seems Dame owes a lot of people, from Eastern Savings Bank to Atlanta Condominiums. I guess it's also common for a boss to beat his wife. Rachel Roy AKA Rachel Dash has an order of protection on Mr. Dash, citing bodily harm. Hmm. Boss shit? Really? So Dame has had his 15 minutes with the Breakfast Club, where he states that if you are not your own boss, you basically hustling backward. The cases in regards to Mr. Daniels and Ms. Roy are still active as of today. This is 2015, we are long gone from the days where Jay-Z and J.D. were rolling with the top down screaming out money aint a thing. I really think Damon Dash should humble himself, he is shading the very people that bought the music, wore the clothes, and supported the Rocafella movement. We are happy that you feel successful and that your son is a success in the eyes of his father. However, don't act like your shit doesn't stink buddy because while you were more than forthcoming with your asinine comments, we still have yet to be informed of where your AWOL ass was these past few years. Care to enlighten us? 

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