Friday, March 6, 2015

Did Lil Mo Get Dragged On Her Own Instagram?

Well, things just sort of always fall into my lap. I love Lil Mo, I loved her since she was Superwoman for Fabolous. Now that I have gotten it out the way, I have been following Lil Mo since before she was an R&B Diva, and frankly, the girl has indeed changed. I can't say if it is for the best or worst but I know that fighting with 'irrelevant' people on social media, is never a good look, especially when they get you to the point where people just know you're screaming at your phone and pissed all to hell... Catch these shenanigans...

A 'fan' had this to offer on one of her IG photos;

_lovelyscorpio @thelilmoshow please tell me you are not going to be the most hated on RNB divas. You been my girl since you were in F A B O L O U S video. But you acking. Especially on my girl Michel'le. Don't do it. Don't be the Chante of this season.
Lil Mo wasn't feeling ole girl at ALL!
thelilmoshow @_lovelyscorpio chile bye. watch the show and get out ya feelings. it's only 4 weeks in. damn bitch can i LIVE
Ole girl was NOT happy Lil Mo responded rudely, then blocked her, she came back with some humble for her ass;
dazzymaiee Wait......I had to come back on here under my daughter page. How are you going to call one of your FEW fans out their name for asking a simple question??? That was petty as hell. Me stating I didn't want you to become a villain warranted me being called a bitch? Then you block me so I can't respond. It's no wonder your ass is washed up and played out CYNTHIA. Done left Odenton and out there in your RENTED tv house with your gay ass husband/wife. Bitch you can live. But let me say THIS. I KNOW you ain't shit in real life. JUST one year before you begged to be on the show your ass was RIGHT at the SAME elementary school in Odenton picking up your daughters waiting in the rain with a busted up weave talking about "do you know who I am?" And the lady said yes Cynthia. But I didn't even recognize you because you looked ratchet and your ass was musty with chapped lips. With a fuckin head scarf. So before you start blocking one of your 200 followers @thelilmoshow you need to humble yourself you raggly bitch. Yes you can live. Now go get a real album cover, rebraid your wife hair, and get some real weave and stop wearing that precut 8.99 a pack shit. ///signed/// @_lovelyscorpio

CAN YOU SAY ALL THE WAY TOGETHER!! I'm sorry, I love Mo, but true or nah, this read is EVERYTHING! 

Mo came back ghetto, angry, and a bit off kilter;
thelilmoshow @dazzymaiee OH SHUT up bitCH. you madddddd. you typed a whole soliloquy and it means nothing. bitch i will get you slid up on!! PLAY!!
thelilmoshow @dazzymaiee come see me bitch. lying ass hoe. you fcuked with the RIGHT ONE today yo
Now, it's been MY experience that the truth definitely hurts more than any shade out there... However, I'm not one to gossip...

Yeah, it was an eventful night for The Lil Mo Show. Sometimes when people come at you negative it's best to just let it go.... what do YOU think?


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