Monday, February 16, 2015

Nicki Minaj: Fan In Tears After She Says Nicki Was A Bitch All Night!! (VIDEO)

Well, the Shade Room has posted a video submitted by a fan of Nicki Minaj's that says Nicki was a bitch to her all night! Somebody find this girl and make her get her damn life! It is NBA All Star Weekend 2015 and you're having a night off, in the club, and while you love your fans, you just want to chill but they don't let you! Some of you really need to understand that sometimes these people just want TO CHILL! They don't want to spend the night answering questions and taking free pictures. Catch them after shows and on the red carpets for 'fan time'. Not when a person is trying to unwind with their boo. Girl Bye! Get into this...

"Dear TSR,
Nobody understands that Nicki Minaj is this close to losing a fan! She was a b--- to me last night! Allllll night she was not interacting with her fans in her phone!!!! All night nasty ass attitude she didnt want nobdy around her !!! I didnt care that she kicked me out of vip after I paid! Her fans waited for her to show up & she didnt!!!!!!!!! I can see why ppl talk bad aboubt u & say u have a nasty attitude i seen it for my self im dead ass in the bathroom breaking down im that hurt bitch i came all the way to see u !!!!!!" #Nickinaj

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