Friday, January 2, 2015

Bare Minerals: Product Review

Okay so like many other women across the world I decided I would pretty myself up and ring in the New Year face beat to the GAWDS! Since I seldom wear makeup, it was really something I considered special. Since I know as much about makeup as I know about rocket science I decided, now is a great time to try my samples of Bare Minerals!!! I had been waiting for a special occasion, this was it! I decided I would use the 'Everyday Minerals Base- Golden Medium 4W' and the 'Everyday Minerals Face- Sunlight Finishing Dust' and let me tell you, it covers a lot better than most powders that I see women wear that sit right on top of your skin. I loved the look. Fast forward, I am playing an internet game and my eye keeps tearing, it was happening since last night but I chalked it up to me being sleepy and my overly sensitive eyes. I realized that my face didn't feel right and I kept wiping them with paper towels. I went into my bathroom and my ENTIRE RIGHT EYE IS SWOLLEN! I start a new job tomorrow so I am PRAYING the swelling goes down by tomorrow. I am one of those people with really sensitive skin and while I love the way Bare Minerals covers, I most certainly will NOT be using their product again. If you have less than sensitive skin, Bare Minerals is awesome. It covers and blends extremely well for a powder, it isn't heavy and doesn't just sit on top of your skin. I just think it sucks to find out that you can't use a particular brand of makeup right before something extremely important.

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