Saturday, November 8, 2014

LHHHollywood: Hazel E.: Dazed, Delusional, AND confuzed... (Photos & Video)

Hazel E. GIRL U TRIED IT! While I am feeling very much bamboozled about the type of person that you are at this point, I am trying to figure out who's idea it was to try and give you the 'wifey' quality image that you're trying to portray on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Aside from Masika being an opportunist, and a bit loose herself, from the way they edit the footage, a real man has absolutely no reason to wife up a female like you, no let me take that back, Berg is about the ONLY dude that has any business being with you, and even he isn't THAT crazy. Before people start immediately jumping to your defense, let me ask this, what kind of female would be mad at someone for doing something they have done themselves? Hazel E., that's who? I liked Hazel E. and wanted to see her win, only to find out she is the WORST kind of opportunist, in any industry the way you come in is usually the same way you go out, she is the kind that sleeps with your famous husband for the scandal, sells the story, and forgets to get a check. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! At least Karrine Steffans was smart enough to get a book deal. This blog started out as a sort of big-ups to Hazel but the more I read about her, the less I liked her. This one particular article is what completely made me do a 180. I would also like to know when she made the transition from light skinned black woman to deep tanned white woman >_>. You and Golden Brooks must be shopping in the same section at Sephora. 

Apparently Hazel considered it a great idea to give an interview where she goes on to shade many industry people that are in fact bigger than she is. It sounds really bad on her part and you know what they say, loose lips sink ships. I'd be surprised if anyone is dealing with her at this point. Seems to me she attempted to start up some beefs and cause some drama so she could push a track even I have never heard of. She talks about how Twista uses drugs, she says she slept with Trey Songz, beef with Natalie Nunn, Melyssa Ford, and a bunch of other celebs. In the words of Nene Leakes; 'You can't win when you're dirty."

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