Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Little Perspective (An Open Letter On Racism) BY: Pyris G. Anderson

I've never been one of those I am Black I am Proud ass people so im not going to start today but lets keep it 2000 feet above water. If i being a 21 year old black man whether i was a cop or not and i shoot a white man white woman white child white dog white rabbit white frog im going to jail, and for as long as they can legally keep me there at that. I want white people to stop living in the realm of defending themselves against racist accusations. No educated individual will every scream out right WHITE PEOPLE HATE BLACKS AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE RACIST because where there is evil there is good and even during abolitionist days there were white people who were martyrs for the cause of freedom. But this is no longer about Mike Brown or Treyvon Martin or Emmett Till or individual black men and children and women as well being murdered. This is about the message being sent to police officers. WHITE POLICE OFFICERS and shit white civilians as well. "IF YOU ARE AFRAID OF THIS BIG BLACK CREATURE YOU CAN DISPOSE OF IT WE WILL LOOK THE OTHER WAY"
Stop for 2 seconds and please even though you will never GET the struggle. Recognize the struggle for what it is. I love my skin i love my culture but i did not choose my skin or my culture and for you to tell me or my people we are over reacting or "tripping" or "go back to Africa" or whatever actually for you to even voice an opinion on the matter is utterly ignorant positive or negative. DON'T SAY SHIT just watch and understand that we will no longer take it. We will burn cities down we will raise hell we will protect ourselves because the government you've created for you and your children does not protect us

- Sincerely An Infuriated Black Man

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