Friday, October 10, 2014

Montgomery Pastor With AIDS Sleeping WIth Church Members

Photo Courtesy: WMCActionNews5
I haven't blogged in a while, I must admit that I have been feeling pretty lazy about it. Moreover, sometimes blogging can be depressing, all of the negative information that I come across (mostly racism and police brutality) can be overwhelming. This particular story I came across while on Facebook definitely gave me pause, Montgomery pastor admits to having AIDS, sleeping with church members. A man in Montgomery Alabama, Juan Demetrius McFarland, a Pastor, a man of GOD, sleeping with Church members, all the while knowing since the early 2000's that he was HIV positive, and later down the line had full blown AIDS. Where they do s*^t like this at? At the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery Alabama, that's where. Now I don't like passing judgement on other people, but I must admit that it is ultimately fun, so it's time to play my favorite game, Devil's Advocate'. No pun intended.
According to WMCActionNews5;

'WSFA 12 News confirmed with church leaders, including the now former pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church, Juan Demetrius McFarland himself, that McFarland confessed from the pulpit a few Sundays ago that he had full blown AIDS and had slept with church members without revealing he had AIDS. 

Shocked and stunned, church members contacted the 12 NEWS DEFENDERS and reaction is coming in from the congregation that is still in disbelief.
McFarland didn't hold back when he revealed to worshipers at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Sept. 14, that he contracted HIV in 2003 and discovered in 2008 he had AIDS. 

"The church was very accepting of Reverend McFarland and was willing to help him in any way possible," a church member, who wanted to remain unnamed, explained.
Once the pastor, with 23 years of leadership, started revealing more and more on the following Sundays, members and leaders say they realized he had crossed the line.'

When you go to church, if you are looking for anything other than GOD, you are wrong as hell! Although that pastor is nothing more than a man, he was supposed to be a man of the cloth. Personally, if my pastor, married or otherwise, who preaches abstinence on a weekly basis, I am so sure, tried to get my cookies while in the house of the Lord, I would definitely be giving him the side eye/fish face. I can't really feel pity for anyone in that entire congregation that slept with that man because you reap what you sow. It seems to me they were ok with the pastors revelations but feared that the following Sunday ole' boy would begin to name-names. I have to guess that not everyone the pastor was giving his 'good word' to was single, I am sure there are a few married women in that bunch, my question is, who is going to ultimately come forward all the while knowing that they are just as wrong as the pastor? Everyone is saying that the pastor is the one to blame because he is held to a higher standard then the congregation, in other words, he should know better. Shouldn't a church member know better than to fornicate in the church, a 'good Christian' wouldn't commit adultery, ESPECIALLY in a CHURCH! Like, I stated earlier, if you are coming to church looking for anything other than God you are wrong already. I never understood why people put pastors, reverends, men of the church, on such high pedestals. Just because they say they were sent by God doesn't mean God sent them. They are men, like any other man, they can be corrupt, pedophiles, rapists, liars, thieves, adulterers, and you know what? Many of them fall into any one of those categories. Just because they are with the church, it does not make them or their intentions benevolent. I've realized that a lot of sin comes from people that congregate within the church, but that's just my opinion. Juan Demetrius McFarland deserves to be locked up with the keys melted down into a damn id bracelet with his inmate number engraved into it. Those congregation members need to go to the clinic and really find Jesus because I am so sure that he isn't within the walls of that corrupt church, they need to begin within their own hearts.

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