Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lucky Charms: Magically Delicious or Magically Malicious

Today it seems, is a hot news day. Next up, General Mills. Many of you may not know what Trisodium Phosphate is, allow me to tell you, and show you. While TP is commonly used in foods, it is also commonly used in DE-greasing agents, soaps, cleansers, and performance enhancement drugs. Why in the world would someone want to ingest something, even in small quantities, something that is used in paint thinner, moreover, give something like this to their children? I'm just going to sit this down right here:
Photo Courtesy: General Mills Website

Can you find the Trisodium Phosphate? I'll wait....
Although I do not feed my children Lucky Charms, I know there are a lot of children that call this their favorite cereal. I do not know if ingesting this cereal can cause any long term effects, I have yet to find case studies in favor of the usage of this ingredient, which has been approved by the FDA. There are thousands of ingredients out there that is being approved for your consumption and it doesn't matter whether or not there are long term effects. Just because it looks and tastes good, does not mean that it is good for you. Eat, Drink, and Beware. The next time you go shopping you may just be picking this up;

Photo Courtesy: NewWorldOutlawzKilluminati
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