Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

It seems Mona Scott Young is really doing the most with this whole Love & Hip Hop franchise. The show has made it's way to Hollywood and has presented us with Omarion and Lil Fizz of B2K, Ray-J (Brandy's brother), and Teairra Mari, I'll get to the others as mentioned. First, why isn't Berg a member of this cast, it seems to me that he is the only one not getting played every time I turn around. Omarion is exactly the type of guy I always imagined him to be. Cool, laid back, and always dancing. His mother seems like she has issues cutting the strings and letting him go, like he owes her for the success he has achieved thus far. Now, I am all about taking care of your parents when they get old or sick and can't do for themselves, but Omarion's mother seems to resent Apryl for no apparent reason other than the fact that she's pregnant with his baby. Y'all know you can't compete with a baby, even if the one having it is your son. Lil Fizz, former member of B2K, and nothing since that I know of, need to sit his ass down somewhere. Firstly, if his girlfriend Amanda has cheated in the past, chances are she is STILL cheating. This past episode definitely had me raising my eyebrows in her direction. The scene when they were at the restaurant had me looking at Fizz like a sucker for love. Secondly, am I the only one that noticed her blatantly tell Fizz that she is not feeling playing house with him? Fizz acts like a single mom trying to find a dad, any dad for her child. I can see them breaking up in the future and Fizz telling her, 'but my son love you though, how you gonna do this to us?' Amanda is young, not married, and in her prime with no children of her own. I am SO sure that she is not trying to become a ready-made step mom having to deal with Fizz baby mama drama and her shenanigans, Fizz is more equivalent to a desperate house wife that keeps throwing Amanda's past infidelities in her face. If you going through all of that, why even bother, home girl was on her way to Miami to have dinner with another dude. Can you fly her anywhere for dinner? Then sit your ass down somewhere and take one for the team. Ray-J is the BIGGEST clown that I always knew he was. His story line, from what I can see is that he is an egotistical alcoholic. He throws tantrums, he is vengeful, and he thinks he is far more important that he actually is. In other words, he's fighting for relevancy. The only thing I agreed with that Ray-J did was firing Morgan, and not because she still friends with Teairra after Ray told her not to, he need to get his life, but because that move she made at Power House was grimy. If you work for me and we are real friends, we should have been close or at least professional enough to let each other know what's going on, when she took that gig without discussing it with Ray, only because he expected her to be working for him, she basically fired herself, because I would have fired her ass too. Teairra, Teairra, Teairra, where to start? This girl seems to be having every kind of problems available! Vaginal, relationship, friendship, vocal, you name it, Teairra probably has it, pun intended. The problems and long term vaginal odor/infection medication just keeps on mounting for her. Her voice is shot, and that dress she had on for her performance at that club, where she got straight up laughed at, was so unflattering. What self proclaimed Diva is carrying their stuff in a $10 Dollar Tree back pack, girl no! The rest of the cast is some blow up Kim Kardashian stunt double whose mom looks like Elvira, mistress of the night on meth, I dont even remember her name, but she has had A LOT of work done. Hazel E., whom I never heard of but Wikipedia lists her erroneously as Yung Berg's girlfriend, obviously she is not. But she is definitely delusional. There are a host of other supporting cast members, none of which are important enough to mention. Oh yeah, Soulja Boy is on the show too... >_> .... anyway, I am staying tuned because we all know I love a little ratchet in my life, and Teairra is giving me EVERYTHING I need! I can't wait to see where all of this goes. What do YOU think!?

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