Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keyshia Cole: The THOT-ism is REAL!

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Far be it from me to judge anyone doing something sexy for their man. Especially a 'dancing on a grand piano' move. When a dude that publicly cheated on you to the point that you catch a female in his house ( Keyshia Cole Arrested), makes that request, you're supposed to twist your lips, hold out your hand, and take down payments for a 15K ring because he must be on the verge of a marital proposal. How did Keyshia Cole go from being a wife to a show girl for Birdman. She needs to have SEVERAL seats. In the public eye Keyshia exudes this woman that is above all of the ratchet antics of the music industry but i guess behind closed doors, shes just another closeted freak. Maybe she should have done as much to save her marriage to the man she claimed was her soul mate. Granted, Birdman is PAID, he is estimated to be worth as much as 150 Million (according to Forbes), So I guess if she was going to get her tease-a-dude on it won't hurt that he's flowing in cash,  .... Keyshia Cole had this to tweet;

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Some people act like they don't stink tho GTfomf...

It isnt that people don't think they're shit stinks, it's more than she was caught looking extremely desperate posting those video's to her IG and then deleting them. Why is she surrounded by men and which one of those guys is Birdman? In the video Keyshia looks like shes on something, maybe a little drunk and not making the best of decisions. Girl, get a grip.


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