Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wanted: Joe Budden, And Not By Fans

courtesy of @NYPDNews

What the hell has Joe Budden gotten himself into? NYPD has officially marked Mr. Budden a wanted man. According to, Joe is accused of 'throwing a woman into his car and smashing her head into the dashboard'. The tweet from the NYPD is charging him with robbery/taking a cell phone. I smell a domestic dispute, or some hoe trying to come up. Maybe Joe was getting some brain on a side street and some chick thought, 'hey, I can come up if I can get some video'. Joe does look like the type that will shake a female if she isn't acting right, I can't see a reason for taking a chick cell phone and 'Chris Brown'-ing her at the same damn time. I'm sure if he had done so the NYPD would have charged him with assault, unless ole' girl care more about her phone than the knot on her head.

Joe budden had this to say via twitter:

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