Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tamar Braxton: The Crazy Is Real

Picture Courtesy of FunkyDineva.com
So, apparently in a bout of anger and Twitter angst, Tamar Braxton has apparently committed Twitter suicide. The 'Bey Hive' apparently thought she was throwing shade at Queen Bey, and they let her have it to the point that she now seems demented. Tamar tried unsuccessfully to reason with the 'Hive', but to no avail. She then started reaching for excuses about her hairline that people have been making fun lately. On the other hand she was caught shading K. Michelle yet again and immediately deleted the tweet... Apparently Tamar Braxton is SO petty she called K.Michelle's management company and tried to have her dropped; (GET INTO THOSE T'S AND A LITTLE BACK STORY @ FunkyDineva.com)

'Well, Tamar wanted to use the family card to her advantage when she gave K. Michelle’s management a phone call and tried to convince them not to work with her.  Word on the curb is that Tamar went all in and was doing her best to get Atomfactory / Troy to change their mind about handling K. Michelle. How petty right? Oh baby, but there is more.' (FunkyDineva.com)

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