Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mimi Faust taking Shots At Joseline Hernandez via Twitter

Mimi's Twitter Picture @MimiFaust
I am the first to say that I love a little ratchet in my life; Miley Cyrus, Joseline Hernandez, Karlie Redd, and of course, newly ratchet, Mimi Faust. I don't know about anyone else but this last episode of LHHATL has me confused and needing a damn drink. I was antiquing while watching so I only caught a few of the teas and it was more bitter than sucking a lemon. Stevie finally admitted that he smashed Hoe-thea. Waka Flocka has a lower sperm count than Gucci Mane's reading comprehension test scores. Some dude tells Benzino the driver smashed Joseline for three and a half months, and smashed in the new crib, and in true Bitch-zino fashion he ran and told Stevie like that was going to change anything between he and Joseline. In all realness, and no shade at all, Stevie and Joseline need each other, Joseline can't rap, and Stevie hasn't had a hit in forever, hopefully his collaboration with Snoop will change something in the near future. Karlie Redd new song is hot! Give credit where it's due, I am definitely feeling 'Heart Breaker'. I am not at all surprised that she and Joseline would be bosom buddies, those Thot-Pockets do come in two's. Momma Dee new single has definitely piqued some interest, who knew momma could sang? Why does Erica hang out with Karlie Redd? It seems she would have been paired up with Rasheeda for a bestie since they seem to be the normal ones.

Anyway, moving right along. SO I'm trolling Twitter because that's what I do, and I come across this little gift;

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