Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Love & Hip Hop ATL

I've been gone for a minute, due to some technical issues, (lack of computer), but now I am back with the jump off, and an a**hole full of opinions! Mimi Faust! Baby girl! You are getting harder and harder to root for girl. When I was conned into believing that this sex tape was first and foremost 'leaked' I really felt anger toward Nikko on behalf of Mimi. I don't know these people from a can of red paint but I do feel as if I am a part of the circle of a show that I have been watching since the beginning. I have seen Mimi go from loving wife and mother, to a woman scorned, and now Motel 6 D-List porn star. The only thing missing from Mimi Faust's and Nikko Smith's sex tape was the 1986 raunchy chicka-pow-wow music in the background. I like how she tried to change the game with the shower rod move but other than that, the tape was pretty lame. Mimi should have, in my opinion, been trying to use the L&HHATL platform to generate some type of income outside of the reality TV circuit. Hell, she doesn't even have her own Wikipedia page outside of the show. Now it seems as if the show is taking a soap opera-esque direction. Will Joseline Hernandez kill Stevie J because he smashed the homie? Will Erica and Ariane get them some of they own damn business? Will Scrappy find out that The Bambi never had an undercover, overnight, supernatural, miscarriage? Will Karlie Redd come up missing while Yung Joc mysteriously gets his hit song back? All this and more on the next Dragon Ball Z? Gawd NO! They need to stop! What I'm really wondering is; How in hell does Karlie Redd keep pulling these young dudes and why can't she keep one? They just want some of that 'Thot-Pocket' girl. Quit thinking that some puss is going to keep a guy that don't want to be kept. Ole girl was bold enough to tell her that she was sleeping with your man, while showing them a house, that i'm sure she would have been sexing him in, and she honestly thought that he was going to quit seeing her because she told him to? Girl stop. That move she pulled was cute, going behind Joc's back and buying the song, but I think in the long run, it's going to come back and bite her square in the ass. Be that as it may, the song, Heart Breaker is definitely FIRE!  On to Ms. Joseline and her music career... Bye Felicia! Joseline, get yourself a speech coach and a ghost writer. Joseline already has an army of bad chicks with low IQ's and life expectations, clear heels, and bustiers, that have happily made her their leader. Apparently having lyrical skills isn't really necessary to make it in today's music world, so get in where you fit in, i'm sure she could move some units strictly based on the fact that she is fun to look at and entertaining when you can understand her. L&HHATL is very entertaining if nothing else. I wonder who will be on the next season.... To Be Continued...

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