Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ferguson, Missouri Police Release Official Statement: Michael Brown

Police Statement via Laura K Hettiger KMOV @LauraKHettiger
The St. Louis City Police Department are a joke! They murder an innocent, unarmed child, withhold the name of the MURDERER Police Officer that pulled the trigger, and then choose designated times that people should show their outrage and sorrow. HOW DARE THEY! The Mayor and City Council needs to get rid of the ENABLER Chief of Police AND throw that monster that killed that child under the jail! I am utterly disgusted with this statement and that family deserves so much more than a plea for violent protests to cease. The protestors are not the cause of the violence, the police department that is protecting a murderer while a young black man laid slain in the streets for hours, are the cause of the violent protests. Michael Brown's mother sent him to his grandmother under the safety of the daylight. It didn't stop an unidentified police officer from murdering him in cold blood now did it? This corrupt, biased, racist, police department should be shut down indefinitely! The cries of that City have yet to be heard. A cry that should never be heard again!

Michael Brown's Family During Press Conference

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