Saturday, August 16, 2014

Coming For The Queen? Beyonce'

Courtesy of Bey's Facebook Photostream
I have no idea what is in the water, or what crisis people are going through these days, but it seems that it is open season on Beyonce' Knowles, lovingly known by her millions of fans (myself included) as Queen Bey. Beyonce' has more than proven herself as the reigning Queen of entertainment. When Beyonce' speaks, the world listens. That isn't to imply that she is any better than any other person out there, or that she should be held to a higher social standard than everyone else, it just is what it is. The news media spends millions of dollars and countless hours reporting on Beyonce', Jay-Z because of Bey, and now Blue-Ivy, the most famous child in the world. Beyonce's daughter gets more press coverage than the average A-List celebrity, and she hasn't even spoken a word in the public eye as of yet. Blue is more famous than North West and North is a baby model, no shade. Beyonce's social standing, stardom, and infamy, is not enough to stop people from taking shots at her (@YesLivCan Sorry Mrs. Carter), whether people agree or otherwise. It isn't enough for frivolous lawsuits to appear also. Now before you jump to conclusions on Ms. Tina Seal's custody suit filed against Beyonce' courtesy of Media Take Out, have a sip of this tea;

Photo Courtesy of Media Take Out



Scary isn't it. How could a person try and sue Nick and Mariah for the twins? Where they do that at? So all of you people out there pointing your finger and going, 'HA!" You and Media Take Out really have absolutely nothing better to do, so have several seats. This is all Public Record so MTO should have really known better... 

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