Monday, August 25, 2014

BGC's Jada Cacchilli (Jada 5Starz): Dopest

Photo from Jada's Twitter @Jada5Starz
We all remember Jada Cacchilli from BGC: Chicago, well, shes back! Jada just dropped a single via Sound Cloud called 'Dopest', produced by Saint The Good Boy (@Saint_TGB). The beat on the track is sick, I have to give to them. The lyrics could be a whole lot better. Jada is one of those artists that can be taught and molded. She has the look, I love her sound, and most of all, she already has a fan base. I would love to hear more from Jada 5Starz, she definitely has potential. Keep going girl, you have a friend and fan in me! Jada was one of the few 'Bad Girls' that I have seen in ANY season stand out from the 'In' girls and make it all the way to the end. Jada is a true ride or die chick! Nobody was packing up anything of hers and making her leave, she stood her ground 100%. Now it's time to see her in a different light. We met Jada Cacchilli, now we want to meet Jada 5Starz. Find your style, keep on writing, and start networking for collaborations. Use your BGC platform to get your foot in the door. Whether you think she has barz or not, she definitely is driven. I believe she can do better than 'Dopest', she just needs some structure, learn to incorporate metaphors, and narrow down what she wants to say so that her verses speak for themselves without trying to figure out what she is getting at. Hi5! on this one J, it's just the beginning, keep moving forward.

Jada Cacchilli Sound Cloud; DOPEST

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