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Jaleel White, Is It Him? Or isn't It?

A few months ago one of my dear friends contacted me via private message on Facebook, she was super excited to inform me that Jaleel White had accepted her friend request. I was puzzled, Jaleel White? She proceeded to tell me that he used to play the nerdy character 'Urkel' who was forever in love with Laura Winslow (Kellie Williams) on the hit show Family Matters. I was happy for her, I mean who doesn't remember Urkel!? I decided I would like to add him to my page also, so I sent a request. Lo and Behold! Mr. White accepted my friend request. I also added him on Twitter because I was curious to see what projects Mr. White may have up and coming. The first thing that gave me pause about this Facebook page after a while is that 'Mr. White' was seemingly fundraising for different 'causes' or particular people, dropping names of stars and industry execs alike. Then it seemed that all of Mr. Whites Facebook friends were in some sort of race to see who could get a phone call from him to hear a kind word. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of parody pages, fake star pages, etc. because you never know what humor or information you may find. However, when that page starts to use someone else's name and star power to rip people off, I must draw the line.

Morning reminder.....please give it forward for easter

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Last night while trolling Facebook for good blog posts I came across this post on Mr. White's (if it is his page), it seems that I am not the only skeptical person that are friends with this particular page. 

just to put it out there people say im fake o.k thats no big deal but you dont see what i do for others on a regular basis just because. people want me to call them but in all acuality im breaking my neck for the little peopleple who simply want to hear my voice just because, not to people who wants to see me just because. wtbs im battling a cold but in a hour in a half Rachel B you will get a call from me. your strength inspires me to continue on with this thing. i love you as a person i cherish you as a fan. and i know your going to walk out of that hospital and marry your love. trust me he is going to bat for you everyday

The thought of Mr. White reaching out to fans to brighten their day is great. More stars should do the same, especially for people that are not in the best of their health. A smile can surely go a long way. laughter heals the soul. However, as I pointed out earlier, where is the line drawn when it seems that people could really get scammed in the process, I decided to respectfully call him out. 

Elle PrettyKitty Frazier It just seems a bit skeptical since i follow Jaleel on Twitter and he doesnt tweet about anything u post here. Most fb and twitter user accounts are usually consistent so can u tweet something and hashtag #PayItForward? Please 

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  • Rachel B Elle i spoke with him on the phone today, he is 1000 percent real and there is NO NEED to doubt him.
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  • Rachel B And honestly if he was fake, then let him keep doing what hes doing because hes making people feel good, and in my book thats fine by me

  • Elle PrettyKitty Frazier Well, i must doubt sweetie, im not taking away from any of the good that this person does because he is actually helping. However, to do so using someone elses name is kind of wrong dont you think? Ijs I dont think this is something he would appreciate, IF it isnt him
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  • Rachel B Well it is, but okie dokie. GOD BLESS and have a very happy easter 
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  • Gail J I can understand why people may have concerns on who's REAL and who's NOT, but in actuality IT'S NOT OUR CONCERN. Why? If a fan/person has to go through negative measures to post out loud on a CELEBRITY'S PAGE, YOU'RE A FAKE, then that person no longer deserves to be friends on that celebs page. I have spoken to many celebs by phone or through FB, excluding JALEEL, and they are the real deal. My cousin was a famous actress, and i use to act as well which is why im inclined with many people in the music/film industry. I even spoke with bobby brown's sister on the phone yrs back when they lost their mom. It has a lot to do with SPIRITUALITY!! Our spirits are drawn to others during our time of need. GOD uses these people to help others. In all candor, if a person doesnt believe that a certain celeb is real, keep it moving, why bother them with a friend request. These celebs go through so much daily with tension in the film industry. They dont need to be stressed further when they log into their FB to check their messages to see OOH, YOU ARENT REAL. Jaleel aint got time for dat. It is about RESPECT. HAPPY EASTER JALEEL TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!!
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  • Elle PrettyKitty Frazier No one said he was, theres always some crazed fan to get every thing misconstrued in hopes of being paid some attention. If this is not Jaleel and he his using his name to spread good, fine. But raising funds using someone elses name is fraud. Tyvm. I ...See More
    An online portfolio to showcase the creative endevours of Jaleel White.

  • Gail J In all candor, your replies were respectful, but u are discerning. Not once did i mention your name, either. The comment was directed to people in general, especially, involving a young man who was very rude, disrespectful towards JALEEL, days before you even posted, on a different comment. So therefore, my opinions were valid. There was no need for you to take offense on anything unless you are feeling guilty about something. If he isnt real, let him be. Why are u continuing to talk about it? Its only going to hurt you, because i know him well enough to know that you will get blocked, just like the young man did. You dont think he's reading these messages. He ignores them sometimes, and there are times he will respond. Jaleel even stated that he may have to leave FB alone for a while due to the negativity that's on here every time he logs on. Can u blame him, put yourself in his shoes. I have too many valuable things going on in my life to be concerned through news feeds,articles of who is fake and who is real, WHO CARES!!! Just bless him and move on.

  • Elle PrettyKitty Frazier Guilty, i am a BLOGGER! HearSay Blogg i do ask questions and WILL. Stand firm in your word while walking in your talk ma, if you were talking about someone else i am SO sure you would have pointed that out. Jaleel has a fb 'like' page, i follow him on twitter, i dont make open ended comments and you, like me, are entitled to your opinion. However, for a person to then comment 'i dont have time...' after writing a whole paragraph is utterly laughable. He can block me all he wants but it wont stop my next blog from being published. But u enjoy your easter  mmk.

As you can see I had managed to piss this Gail person off. Although my give a f**k cup is clearly empty, I found it laughable that they are defending this person, and if it turns out that this is a fake or parody page people who donated money to these causes will surely care, and rightfully feel scammed. My advice to everyone is this. EVERY star has a platform, and although some interacts with fans, most does not. If you cannot prove the person you are chatting with, sending praises, and money to are who they say they are through VERIFIED Facebook and Twitter accounts, donate to a real proven cause. Do some REAL research, or you may be taken for a ride that has your ass hurting in the end. 

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