Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Beyonce, Is It Really Necessary?

  Ok, I know that I am later than colored folk at a family function. Be that as it may, I had a little time to catch up on the latest videos gracing the music countdowns as of today and I came across Beyonce's video for the single 'Partition'. I must say that I am very much less than impressed. Beyonce seems to be playing a solo game of 'keeping up with the younger singers of today', and turned a song that could have displayed her mature sexiness into a raunchy, less than appealing, low-budget soft core burlesque video. It seems to me that since the Queen has flipped the females of the industry the metaphorical bird via 'Bow Down', she has lost her damn mind. Beyonce seems to be taking her career to a new weird level and in my opinion, it doesn't compliment her very well. I was very much excited when I learned of the release of the secret album and of course I have felt extra sexy in my living room while royally f*cking up the notes to 'Drunken Love' and moving my ass like bands would make me dance. It seems that she went from being that No.1 Diva to taking a backseat to the likes of Rihanna, K. Michelle, and Sevyn Streeter. I wouldn't be disappointed if Beyonce gave fans one last tour and took her show to Vegas along side the biggest names in Music industry history like Cher, Bette Middler, and Tina Turner. When is the time for a singer to bow out before they become played out? The answer to that is never! Beyonce will always sell out shows, tours, and units alike. I am not a huge fan but I definitely love and respect her business savvy and drive. Partition just did not do it for me, the song and video alike, she must have had a hangover from that night of 'drunken love' when she wrote that and produced its video. 

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