Friday, March 21, 2014

Reality TV Paving The Way For Talent-Less Artists?
OK, I have been sitting around and holding my tongue for a minute (needed a new computer) on how I have been feeling about some things concerning some new music artists that are seemingly coming out of the woodwork. Today's top rated shows are now reality based and prime time dramas filled with all sorts of messiness that most people seem to crave more of. I could never hate on how one makes their coins as long as they're making it and not as the expense of another. I have witnessed many a reality television star try their hand at using their platform to break into other ventures. I am all for someone trying to broaden their horizon, however, shouldn't the direction you sail in have some sort of background to it? In other words, being pretty and looking good on an album cover doesn't make you anymore a singer than me standing in a parking lot makes me a car. All shade due to Porsha WIlliams-Stewart and that embarrassing performance on 106 & Park this week. Ms. Williams either has a team full of 'yes' men, or this is the biggest gag in the history of the music industry. I am a huge fan of new artists that are TALENTED, K.Michelle for example, even though she is not considerably new, she used her reality television platform to renew her name and showcase her TALENT. The only person that can seemingly hold a note coming from The Real Housewives of ATL is Kandi Burruss. It seems to me that those ladies need to leave the singing to the professional of the bunch and maybe write a book or something (not self help). There is a million other things Porsha could be doing and I know that people sometimes say the best way to show your haters is to be successful; this is not one of those times. Her vocal range is extremely limited, so much so that the only place it should be heard is through the walls of her living room by her neighbors. She sounds like she taught herself how to sing whilst in the shower, and we all know how good we sound in the shower. Her single is really good but knowing how she really sounds without the vocal enhancement and engineering, I can't bring myself to purchase it, According to and Straight from the A, Ms. Williams walked away from her marriage with virtually nothing but credit card debt and now she's busy wasting all her little money on being a singer, I hope she pushes it as far as it may go because I see no sort of longevity for her music career.

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